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Moment because i said to my children look after i've gone you can do a july with without without mirth that is you film your fairies war that it would spoil oil i i don't think he needs it these the books who use in schools a lot the teachers say they're like working with both the pictures on the stories but they don't term i don't think at the moment he needs a film note at the moment where we held our dave ricky thanks very much indeed for joining us thank you it is 25 paul state though his career the spot i was thinking a suggestion for david couldn't he come up with us at a character the nomination of an old trump that comes into a radio studio every morning and says don't think we have any of those having won the first test inside three days england's cricketers have another day off before reconvening leads tomorrow ahead of the second test against the west indies which starts on friday speaking on this program an hour ago england assistant coach paul farbrace said the squad is fully fit everyone's raring to go everywhere in contention for a place that will include of course chris works whose has been struggling with an injury now manchester city play everton at the saving both sides won their opening matches on the first weekend of the new season both will have noticed that championship chelsea impressively beat spurs yesterday pat nevin played for both chelsea and everton pat good morning to you good morning gotti so having lost a burly crisis over everything in the garden is rosy for chelsea i wouldn't say with gray everything is rosy but the settling look like cair the team with the same attitude they had last season sell it out that pragmatism and stoicism the hide from the style of play woods bike an that immagination the monitor that was set live back israel the tactical awareness from antonio conte was absolutely berry yesterday sewer yes sir suggestions of an imminent divi demise has certainly been overestimated what about spurs the playing their matches at wembley now they've lost eightof10 waldo crimes being read developed pay when that previous seven much at white hart light why are they having this run a simple case of other teams enjoying wembley experienced you think that will be one of.

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