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Goes this evil billionaire. Just opening up his pocket book to sign everybody away to prevent me from succeeding. God dang you told me there was a billionaire that his pocket book and was signing up. Everybody he could to stop someone else from succeeding. Can you believe that you are such a victim I can't even believe it. Yeah horrible business. I know my nineteen eighty-four tears. Really go out to you you know. Can you believe they took hulk hogan this guy. This billionaire took him away from me and put him on his tv and they put tv on to to go up against mine as i did to everybody else throughout the eighty s. You know funny how people remember things differently. Right orders couldn't believe lugar jumped. Yeah this giant star. It was such a giant star. He wasn't under contract. Yeah me and my handshake. My my word is good. Couldn't believe that this this Luxury blaze jumped ship through the trash can and the garbage after they fired her without taking the title off of her. Say how dare she. How dare she get fired and then go make money somewhere else. What a horrible person. Can you believe it if you know. That's the thing too. That's another and it doesn't matter because the network was already editing things in some ways and they pump out these videos but without being able to go back and watch those shows and to try to judge for yourself like what was happening with tv. Like it's truly through there and i don't think the networks ever coming back in any sort of form i really don't you know. I just think that this is going to be in five years to somebody. Want to bid billion know. Does anybody wanna bid. Seven hundred and fifty million. Maybe or you know. They're going to continue down this path but the more and more you see on the wwe or when it comes to these documentaries and these sorts of things that need to involve mcmahon speaking. It's just going to be the way goes. Because the victor the spoils. And if you don't care about history if you don't really care about telling the truth. And frankly what promoter does you know. Let alone the vince mcmahon. When it comes to these things you're just going to be sol. and you're gonna have to rely on historians. You're going to have to rely on books. You're going to have to rely on old newsletters to get a better idea to get a better handle the be a better judge of what actually took place during that time and then the last one here. Vince is just he's going on and on like they're talking about raw the debut of raw which was nothing for so long and they're talking about a groundbreaking and incredible. It was and they go for five minutes about the live aspect of the show. Because i guess that's all they could come up with for white groundbreaking because it was just a wrestling show. But it's live and they're talking about liven all you get instant feedback and it's live and no-one no-one had gone live before live live live live. They go on and on for five minutes about what was live. And that's why it's so special. Then they get to the part where it goes live upset raw. And they're like well. We were taped and they kept giving away spoilers like you were taped that vince laments. We were often taped. It's like well. what the which. It's been five minutes. Tell me about how important he wants to go live. And then you admit that you actually weren't live. Did he say why because he needed to save money plus when they wanted to put themselves over. It was like it was live. There was always live then when he was a victim. Half the time we were not live they were live. We were victims. At that point. They gave away our matches every show in wrestling history for the was. Live your live or live to tape. Wrestlemainia was never live. Exactly i mean you know just silly the big change for. Wcw was the fact that they weren't filming things like idiots anymore and filming things out of position and filming things down in one. You know shot disney. When that started to change things got better for me how they tape. Tv was exclusive to them at the time and it was awful. It was awful the way that they did things in comparison to what. Wwf was doing at the time. So it's just this whole the whole thing is always going to be looked back on and there's always going to be a need for historians and journalists and and strong observers to keep tabs on things because you can't believe either side unfortunately when he when he comes to the value can only people are going to have their kernels of truth but they're always going to blow up what they did well and they're always going to downplay you know or pass off blame onto others what they failed it. So anyways sucks. Yeah yeah there. You go much button up. Shirt buttoned up idiot. You put it all the way up to the top gurus who walks around in in haiti my next to thick. Hey by the way with with do you wanna play a game. Because i love alliteration of the gargano geeks are gauntlet. You know do you want to try to figure out who is going to end up into the gauntlet out of that. Who cares grew all right. Who's gonna boo okay. So we got brunson read. Dexter lewis kushida leeann rough camera grimes austin theory roderick strong l. a. night ellie night. We're scott pete. Done tyler rush jake atlas. Okay well i mean if i'm booking the show which i'm not then Pete done wins. Because i want to see pedone beat johnny gargano in win the north american title and have a killer champion. Who beats people up and isn't a joke. That's what i would do. That'd be nice. What are they gonna do well. dexter loomis will win and then he will be johnny gargano win the north american title and then we can have more haha. What about bronson read. Do you think makes it to the gauntlet or do you think the revenge for going over l. a. i'm sure. La night he'll throw at l. A. night l. a. Night will pull him out of the battle royale to eliminate him unfairly and then you know they'll have a match somewhere again. Even though we saw the match with a clean finish with the face going over you have to build up a second one. you know. Well that's how they do those sorts of things nowadays. Okay so here's wrestlemainia so they have added a women's take title match in a title eliminator so a night. one. I guess the title eliminator. Where is it a team. Even the teams will be a title eliminator. But they won't tell you is in it even though if you watched the show like an idiot could figure it out but the problem is they're going to do something different because they're bigger than the figuring it out then we've got a the winners of that will face shayna anaya say what is this for. This is for the women's tally. Yes we're doing this. All of the teams that have been having terrible matches on raw will have an eliminator. The winner of that match will face nine. What is it going to be is going to be. One t with two teams mandy rose and dana brooke and well no because you'll women's tag titles mike. So i'm sure we'll have natty. And you know some of the other three teams have throughout the nine trillion women on that roster this is so that's the that's the added match to wrestlemainia there. Everybody by the way. Mvp he tweeted out.

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