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We're going to diamond a couple of things that he brought up when we continue. But first, you gotta get your k f Y I download with Greg Paul. Cyber Ninja CEO Doug Logan told Arizona Senate leaders. The election audit of Maricopa County should include door to door canvassing. In a public briefing yesterday, Logan said the canvas scene could explain possible abnormalities founded registration rolls. The plan to canvass door to door was put on hold after the DOJ raised concerns the Kaibab in Coconino National Forest, or RESENDING fire restrictions today, though fire danger remains high across both forest Rangers say the monsoon activity along with the heavy rainfall is making it safe for campfires. Again. There are still closures in place in the Raphael Magnum slate and backbone fire scars. Over 70 wildfires are currently raging across 12 Western states. The fires are far outpacing last year's season, and there's still five months left to go. A state of emergency has been declared in Oregon, Washington and Montana and Florida Governor Rhonda Sanchez is calling for an overthrow of the Socialist Cuban government to Santis made the plea yesterday to the Cuban military as anti government protests rocked the nation island. Let's get a look at our driving to work this Friday morning with 5 50 k F Y I traffic There is slow Traffic Grand Avenue eastbound between Thunderbird and Cotton Crossing. 17 South, bound between Seventh Avenue in Seventh Street is slow. 10 eastbound slow between 27th Avenue into 16th Street. Steve Carell, a 5 50 k F Y I I want to introduce you. The Thundercats Technology. Thunder Cat Technology is a premier provider of solutions not only for government organizations but educational institutions and commercial enterprises as a leader in cybersecurity infrastructure, unified communications and cloud technology. Verticals Thundercats, not just a reseller. They are trusted.

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