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Brought to you by it credit union we'll start with his blaine county prosecutors who now tell us boise police officers involved in the deadly shooting of a man of the foothills earlier this year or those officers were justified in that shooting on march th police say benjamin barnes with threatening to shoot hikers and dogs in the holes goltz area kboi two tv says one dog was eventually shot dead by barnes boise police saw barnes taken aggressive shooters stance and begin to discharge several rounds from the firearm toward them officers returned fire and fate really wounded barnes tyler martin six seventy kboi fifty four yearold man who police have now called the double hat banned it was arrested in indiana after officials say he robbed several banks across the northwest that included one here in boise officials say his name is shane carson did he hit salt lake city banks west george utah spokane portland eugene denver and boise's we told you in many of those cities the fbi says he hit more than one bancorp the same bank more than once total of thirteen robberies beginning back in december now he was arrested without any incident it a parking lot of a motel in white linda indiana the fbi says carson war two hats during his robbery which gave him the nickname one was usually a baseball hat covered up by a bini cap of some kind giddy y two tv reports cars had robbed the us bank inside the albertson grocery store on west states three handed the employee ah note that said not very original said i have a gun give me all your money anyway he was arrested deerhunting pre popular here in.

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