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Released the my own he gave me one of those bad mo fo while that's what it says from pulp fiction on it he's like one day this is gonna come in handy and it's going to help you out trust me it did he laughed so hard to even look through the wallet what gift todd mccullough just let me grab that blow by the time show i have tom it's donnie biker yes still got that cop in there comedian todd mccombs former police officers super bad ass i can make him sweat on command say that ratchet there and they start sweating they have to provide evidence and a date you ain't going to get an accurate reading on me because i got married on my head so shorting on sure about how'd you guys but i've been in way in the bay street crime documentaries on netflix lately i've learned a lot from them i watched twenty other day called tree confessions caught on tape where cops get people to admit to crimes lay may or maybe not even did commit sorta god it's crazy because he's the tech is our lack cops on steroids man they're like master irrigators they'll take your words bill reads them all around and then they say him back y'all confusing over and over sometimes five or six hours you know offer you food crackers all kinds of you know and then they get your brain all scrambled the next thing you know you're confessing to stealing someone's sleeper sofa god it's mind trick tom accept these are are the droids they're looking for you know the real patient and it's the only time cop seem real sincere and tenders i which okay you can trust us steph air body feels better after they do this take your time we're here for you this doesn't make you a bad person you ain't like all the others they basically use the same approach major leaguers doing trying to pick up road beef last weekend it's all a bunch of as regulars i'll save the thing i've learned the most watching these shows is that if your wife or your exwife turns up dead and you happen to be home watching tv on that buys yourself when it happened you're going to jail for murder weather you did it or just wait till you hear what we have next this is bob and tom extra right now if you happen to be sitting in traffic call the ray skillman chevrolet traffic tip line at four seven five help indies number one silverado dealer race gilman chevrolet dot com a truck drivers.

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