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And yeah, I think at the end of the daily she doesn't want to be challenged with it, because that's the way. That she was growing up and she tried to instill in with us. But we were not we're not. We don't practice it as much as she does. It's just I think it becomes a lifestyle. It becomes like a. Kind of tradition. Like why do you celebrate Christmas? Like, why are you celebrate stir becomes a tradition? It becomes something that's you do with your family relationships. I would always be I would always be remiss if the potential of a religion driving the wedge between a relationship because it's like we should never let something like that drive. The wedge between two people that might end up liking each other. When it's just to believe that we were probably talk to learn or to believe. Yeah, but it all depends again on the person because there are people who are born and raised with a certain type of religion and believe in it so much that their entire life surrounded. You know, so if for example, like even something as dumb, as you know, not dumb, but, you know getting married in church versus not getting married in church like getting a traditional ceremony or how you're going to raise your kids because some people are like my kids are getting raised Christian and you're not telling and I guess you can see on the bachelorette even where Luke p is the guy that says he's not going to have sex until marriage. Even he's had sex. But I guess that would be like, he's already sexy said that he said he was banging left and right in college, and then got talked to him in the Shaw. That's right. That's right. God, the shower, have you been watching Hanna season? On and off that God spoke to him in the shower came down grabbed his member while he was in the shower and said, stop using Liberal. liberal off. Yeah. Anyway. Getting where it's like if I really like to girl, and she said, she was saving herself for marriage. That would be something that's like it's a challenging obstacle to overcome. But if it's like a practice where it's like I'm going to go to church every Sunday. And this is what I even this is how I pray then that's always something that you, like, okay? That's cool. That's part of you. I I'm not gonna argue that I'm just want to know more of it. And then I guess the tricky thing I can only imagine is once you have children. What do you guys? What do you do? Then do with the children, whose ideas, are they going to adopt, but I guess obviously, that's just such a far fetched idea for me. So maybe that's why I haven't even here we go. There we go. That's fair. That's a hell of way to wrap up this podcast. And I don't say so myself. A big thank you to sunshine. Hsien dean is already on a nickname basis with her sunny. She has a new book out, which is very exciting. So we'll all be looking for that in the near future. Thank you to all of the bachelor and paradise cast members for provide us with the summer filled of drama romance laughter, can't wait to watch that. We can all watch from afar. Eat some popcorn and enjoy. So, yeah, big, thank you, Vanessa for Skyping in, because you're the best in, you dominate life. Dean, you're good to thank you for joining us. Always. And I'm Jared haven and join us next week for no episode of help dating. We're hopefully we suck a little less. Nice follow help by suck at dating with dean, Vanessa Jared on iheartradio or wherever you listen to podcasts. Sound the alarm. There's a snack emergency. Your stomach is rumbling. You need something to fill it. There's only one set of numbers that you need to remember, ninety ten and one. That's ninety calories ten grams of protein, one gram of sugar. These are the numbers for protein, one a protein bar that will fill you up without loading you up. It's about time a snack, that doesn't judge you when you have a craving, no more guilt. No more shame. When you need something to get you through cravings until your next meal. One more time. That's ninety calories ten grams of protein, one gram of sugar available at all major retailers, WalMart target local grocery stores, even on Amazon grab a protein one during your next grocery trip.

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