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Its course is it time to give third party a shot. We'll debate with Chris Holbrooke cheer, the libertarian party of Minnesota and Republican liberty caucus chairs Xavier Bicket on closing argument with Walter Hudson in our new time slot eight to ten weeknights on twin cities news talk AM eleven thirty and one or three five. The twin cities news talk AM eleven thirty and one zero three five FM curious where everybody lands on Amy Clovis shar in her very would. We will be a very snowy cold announcement on Sunday, drew. Are you still are you still firmly? I you know, I said I've made the prediction longtime time ago, and I'm just going to stick with it wrong. Dug in I've said all along that Amy klobuchar flirtations with running for president are the same as her flirtations with being selected as VP or the next supreme court Justice during the Obama years, it's it's all just a PR move to make her seem more important to Minnesotans, then she is on the national stage. Yeah, I think he's going to go up on that stage. I think she's gonna make a big announcement that she is Minnesota's hero because she's going to stay working for Minnesota. She's going to focus on Minnesota. She's not gonna go along with all those rumors about her running for president. She's going to focus on her. Constituents. She doesn't need a PR boost in Minnesota. She's like thirty point favorite. But why she such a favourite is because she's it's like Coca Cola doesn't need to advertise in the Super Bowl. Yeah. You gotta you gotta be consistent. It's the it's the consistent branding. It's the consistent market marketing of her as a much bigger deal than she actually is that make that leads to her doing so well and every election in Minnesota. I was just going to say, I think she's kind. She reminds me of Palencia in this way, where she has this big national appeal because if you don't pay too much attention polenta seemed like a great idea, and then you get to go play really do that much. And he's not that impressive spot and the same way. And if you're smart, she will stay where she is. Because she is very good at being where she is. She selenium the democratic version of Tim polenta spot you go to big you'll expose your weaknesses in a way that will not well, then make it harder for you to be good at what you were before. You know, I I have to push back just lately because obviously. That's the only way you can put. Wow. So sorry, Nick. So sorry. We know you try to take Mr. clover shirt of Washington blizzard for this. Go back and look though, whether it's Michelle Bachmann at temple anti Kubeck and look at the relentless negative local media coverage as they were gearing up and rolling out there presidential announcements here. It's Amy Cova shar absolute. She'd have him. Coco. There's going to be a band warming. Huts was going to be warming huts actually, really smart about this stuff though. She does. She's really good at it. Yes. I agree. She's got it. She's whoever's on her team when it comes to marketing when it comes to PR yak, she'll scream at them if they're not. I think she's a, and as we said before it would be the most Amy Globus Sharif thing to do to have this big press announcement and say, I'm here to tell you everybody staying, and here's a bunch of people to talk about how happy they are that I've stated staying that would be a very Amy Globus thing to do. I do think she's going to to to announce that she is running and my confidence in my stance has depleted quite a bit this week with the with the big production of a of an announcement on boom island with bands and cocoa. And all that. And I know we didn't get a chance to talk about it with Representative Tom Emmer. But I know that he's been he's been very up front of like don't don't underestimate her know do not do not under underestimate, you know, the kind of draw she can have even if you know people outside of Minnesota just cannot pronounce her name. I gotta I gotta play that audio for its hysteria. I don't underestimate her as a politician, she's savvy and she's smart. She you know, she knows what she's doing right. You wouldn't have had the career that she's had had she not had some modicum of of skill when it comes to the the the the politics of it, all I I have a hard time imagining how she's going to elevate herself over the over more provocative more headline grabbing depends. It depends where the party goes. Right. Because if you look if you go back. Twenty five twenty six years. You'll find a democrat party that had options to go far left and very extreme young southern governor unknown. Comes to the forefront. As what is hell. Electable reasonable alternative to a very very popular incumbent president and George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton rises above the fray. Gary he goes above who's the really got lucky to Gary Hart got taken out. Yeah. Is the popular president now? Sorry. I was just wondering who that was. I couldn't resist other one seventy six percents CPS viewers hit the state of the union park out of the state of the union address out of the park seventy six percent of CBS viewers over ninety. Are you kidding me? And they all vote. So they're still alive until you're watching heaven can wait. Roma Downey coming out everything. Right now. So I think even touched by an angel. But I'll let that go. So if Democrats go for a reasonable electable alternative rate straight in the mix of things that being said. Nothing leading up to this as identified that. That's what they're going for right? Yeah. The the the term electable alternative, I think has a very a very negative connotation about around. It think you could say that about both parties. I mean, that's what led to Trump. Right. I mean, everybody during the primaries was like what Trump's not electable Marco Rubio's electable, John casick is electable. You have all these more electable alternatives to Donald Trump and everybody was like screw that. We won't Trump John Kerry was the electable guy against George Bush. He was the safe sort of moderate ish, right? Mitt Romney was the electable alternative to Obama. Yeah. That's a dangerous trap to fall in for either party. And I think both parties have have learned that lesson over the last few cycles. I'm not saying she wouldn't be good at it. But we have not really seen her demonstrated an ability to work really well, like really thorny controversial political stuff. She tends to stick to pretty safe. Stuff's small things not going to happen. If you run the big the big ticket. I I don't think I think the. Personally, I think she's gonna find out very quickly that her appeal her broad appeal doesn't extend beyond the state of Minnesota. I just don't see that. I personally just an observation of mine when I watch her speak. I just don't find her being being very genuine and an appealing. She puts me off because the cub that falls into that thing of why she is the Senator or small things she doesn't want. She's never wanted to put herself out there. When it comes to really, bold issues are provocative issues are take bold stances or put herself in a position where she's going to draw a lot of attention for something. She said or something she introduced that's never been her ammo. I think our strengths it'd be combination were legal expertise in her likeability, which is better put to use on Senate committees than it is, you know, running for president Nick, we wanna get to what you have you have coming up. I notice something you wanted to to mention real quick though. Just as as an example, this was this was a wire Ben Shapiro. He was talking about Amy klobuchar, and it just it cracks me up because just again anecdotal. But I kind of tells you how well she's not known outside of Minnesota. Meanwhile, Amy klobuchar who was kind of the great moderate for people who are not insane in the Democratic Party Britain getting slammed with Otto at least three people have withdrawn from consideration to lead. Senator but tries nascent twenty twenty presidential campaign and have done so in part because of the Minnesota Democrats history of mistreating her staff, according to the Huffington Post clobbered plans to make an announcement about a potential presidential bid on Sunday in Minneapolis has spent the past several months positioning herself to run for president his beloved in her state as a smart funny personable lawmaker has gained national attention. But some former club are staffers. Hosts on condition of anonymity described club. Try so bitterly demeaning first of cruelty and make it difficult to work in her office for long. So we'd better fond. Farewell, Tamie club char before the mantra, sir campaign. He does sound like a member of the lollipop. No, you can't allow up. I love a lot of what he has to say. It I admire the fact that he is somewhat fearless. But holy cow. Is he grading to listen to? I had a point not to attack people for how they sound. Awful. Although he does make you look tall. He's your next. He makes you look tall and sound better. Hey. So Nick, we know that you wanted to we know that you wanted to mention of got to the news quiz this morning. Well, we've been working for the last about a year now ever since the United States Supreme court decision on sports betting. And so the Senate will be rolling out a plan in the house will be rolling out a plan. I'm proud to announce that co along with pack Ruffalo a Bill to legalize sports betting in the state of Minnesota as it's now allowed by the decision of the supreme court last year Lovie rolling that out hopefully by the end of the week next week. It's a long up hill fight the tribal casinos in Minnesota control really a lot of the terrain. And so they've already they've already a letter without seeing any language or any of the proposals. They've got to come out. And just said, hey, we don't want to rush this. We're not interested in doing that this session, you know, and just kind of put their feet down. Does that effectively kill it? I mean, I I, you know, you have to introduce it, and you know. Anything that any change like this? It takes it often takes several sessions of of introducing and reintroducing get your Sunday sales. For Sunday sales is a perfect example. I would say a pretty forcefully that the travel casinos don't vote in the Minnesota house or the Minnesota centers two hundred one elected legislators, we're going to put a lot of pressure on. I think what you what people will see in what we all out. Next next week has a couple of tenants. It's an open market a free market. It does not in any way. We've rented it should not alienate the gambling establishments already operating and the state of Minnesota. I'm it's inclusive, and it has it will have one of the lowest tax rates for sports betting in the entire nation. And even with that, it still would be a massive windfall. Yes. A massive windfall. Legalize sports betting. So far the money is insane. In just feel illegal to me. It's not illegal inevitable to me. I'd say part of just like why are we slowing down? This thing that we all known ten years is gonna be legal is this do it. And I think the reality is this has the ability to take it out of the book. He's hands. Did they get out of the black market to take it off the off shore websites to regulate it closely to make sure that the books are fair, and they're being managed taxes will be at a minimum just to manage the program. It will be an inclusive program. And I think they're I it's an uphill battle. But I think it is possible that next January February you can legally place bets on the Super Bowl next year. Fantastic. I'm glad you guys are working on that. You have just a few minutes left to use the hashtag ATC and T, and let us know who you think is going to win this morning's news quiz. Whether it's comedian Brian Miller Representative Nick Zerwas, our producer Sam you're gonna win a pair of monster jam tickets if you predict correctly. And you will be entered into a random drawing after the show for those monster jam tickets. So get your ticket now use the hash tag on Twitter. We'll be right back with the Friday news. You're listening to.

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