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They understand they're playing a game and the results don't really matter. They're a baseball club when you look at it that way, maybe they're the best run team in the league. Everyone else is unhappy most of the time. And maybe that would support the idea of, hey, Joan T, we like jonesy, everyone likes jonesy. Let's promote jonesy. I mean, that does seem to be a big factor in their decision making, which again, like loyalty to your people, can be a good thing at times, and maybe this is too cutthroat in competitive a business. Maybe we should all be a bit more laid back like the rockies and just try to have fun out there. Joe wrote, I don't know if I completely buy into this, but the idea 1° removed that the rockies simply value some things more than winning games makes sense to me. I can make a similar argument about the royals. I don't think it is an appropriate way to run a baseball team, but as a thesis for why the rockies do the things they do, it makes more sense than trying to explain them, using, you know, baseball analysis. I get the instinct to look to this. And I think that I wouldn't be surprised if there were other stated organizational principles and goals besides winning. But like, here's the thing. When Chris Bryant was pitched on being a rocky. A lot of it was the money, but I bet they told him we think you can help us win a World Series here. Right. You know, like I understand, but I think that sometimes and because we are so enamored with win Z ourselves. Maybe we are sometimes guilty of this. So I know I'm the pot calling the kettle black here, but like I think Connor Joe wants a World Series ring, right? Like I think Charlie Blackmon wants a World Series ring. I'm just picking guys. I'm like, hey, look at all of the rockies players I know, you know? Right. To Nelson lumet wants the World Series. Right, I think they, you know, I think Herman Marquez wants a World Series ring. So I think it is good to remind highly competitive people that there are a lot of things in life that are worthwhile beyond simply winning. But also, I think most baseball players, at least most professional baseball players and certainly most major leaguers are highly competitive people to the point that they could all be encouraged to chill out a little bit. I just don't know that the rockies have optimized the way to do that. And I think that losing relentlessly and getting made fun of on podcasts, I don't think that people enjoy that, you know. I think that they are like, hey, that feels bad. So, you know, there's a balance to be struck here. Like you want to, you want to feel like you have a rudder. You know? Yeah, right. And when rocky's ownership makes public comments about their competitive prospects, they don't say eh, you know? Yeah. We know we're not going to win, but we're all having a great time. Yeah, you wouldn't sub you lose some. Yeah, we're not saying that. They're saying other stuff, which is part of the problem. We will win, we think we are good. Right. Yeah. Joe points out in that newsletter that rocky's batters have the second highest ground ball rate of any team just slightly behind the cubs, which seems not ideal in course field. Now the pitching staff does get some grounders, but you'd think you would maybe want some hitters who hit the ball in the air in course field. So maybe that can be an action item on the new R&D directors to do list, but hopefully we'll leave the rockies alone for a little while. If you're still with us, but I'm sure many of you are just as aggrieved frankly. So you don't mind commiserating. This is cathartic for you. I hope. I really can't say enough nice things about how pretty that ballpark is. And at some point, I imagine you will actually get to enjoy watching Chris Bryant play baseball. Oh wait, I ended on a bad day. It's a beautiful ballpark, and I feel like when I have been there and sort of normal competitive settings, right? So like not during the futures game or what have you. They do a good job of having a bunch of different price points there so you can take your family to Iraqis game and get like a hot dog and a soda and not bankrupt yourself. So, you know, they do do some things right. Yeah. A lot of those just don't happen to be baseball at this particular moment, but remember when the rockies were really good for a little while, that was wild. It was fun. Yeah. Yeah, and it wasn't that long ago. No. You know? And rocky's fans, they support that team. I mean, I guess arguably if they all just had a mess exodus from the ballpark when the Iraqis were losing, perhaps they would put even more pressure on the rockies to get good, but you could say I'm in their some fan bases that, you know, they're fair-weather fans, I guess you could say, but understandably so, when, you know, like Oakland, right? I mean, when they're not putting a competitive product on the field and they're doing everything they can to alienate the fans, the fans don't show up. Understandably. Why should they? Rocky's fence? Maybe because it's just that the ballpark is so nice. The attendance is pretty decent even when the team is not. Yeah. Well, and it's like right there in downtown Denver. So, you know, that helps you get some spillover on your guests, but yeah, you know, I don't know. We don't want to make anyone feel bad. We hope everybody has a baseball team that puts a good product on the field because that can be very fun. We hope everyone gets to enjoy that someday. All right, looks to me. We could pass layers just ran the numbers for me. Lucas from baseball perspective using the pitch info tags. Looks like the only faster sliders they have on record than to grums 95.6, according to pitch info in that Sunday game, they have coded Glover throwing some faster ones, Manuel classe, Matt bush, just traded to the brewers. Noah's cinder guard. They are the only pitchers who have been clocked in the pitch tracking era with faster sliders.

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