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Has a better chance of winning the title not even seven days later, and if I'm being dead on his Liverpool was lucky to get a draw against West Ham. And I think West Ham was the better team in the first half Liverpool. We'll get into this in a sec. But just to give you a quick summary. Liverpool scored on an offside goal. And then in the. Ninety second minute divall Regan almost scored again on another offsides shot. So I believe Liverpool was lucky to scrape by with a draw with West Ham. But this this is really fucking raising some questions about your Klopp and the Liverpool team. I think that like they are like you said extremely lucky because West Ham could easily been three one by the end of halftime if it wasn't for some blown chances and we'll get right to it. The offside goal James Milner like fucking like three yards off sides. She's before money's opening goal. This brings into question once again V A R, which has been a big debate on whether it will become Premier League, which I believe it is now coming to the Premier League next season. Is that final do, you know? I don't know if it's fun. But I know the last time we talked about it. It was like ninety percent certain. So I'm going to go with probably. Yeah. Well, I know you Martin is the biggest Liverpool hater out there. But you are also the biggest VA are hater out there. So I feel like you're quite in a pickle right now. No. No because. Yeah, it would have been great to watch Liverpool lose this game or not score. But I genuinely believe in the football gods and the odds and the chances that because Liverpool definitely created a Matt amount of chances. So if that goal was brought back that would have been an entirely different Liverpool going forward. So I I do think Liverpool and West Ham would both been affected by that VR decision to take that Liverpool goal away from them whether that motivated them, positively or negatively who the fuck knows. We'll never know. But that's my basic argument against VR. Even if it's correct it changes the game one hundred percent in a lot of Liverpool fans are like clearly screaming like crying out to the heavens right now..

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