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This is not my job. I'm not a journalist. I'm not a politician. And I'm I'm just a basketball player. But just because no one is out. They're going to talk about this issues. I have to talk about this issues. And of course, it does affect my career. It does affect my life. But is the Serov take him because I'm trying to be divorced while the sentencing people, he's got this political drama that's part of your life. How does it feel when you just get out in the court and play basketball, it's tough? Because you always think about those the issues about your family. It was think about this innocent people always think about all this innocent people on any jail. If I bring those conversations to quote, it'll be very selfish for me when I step on the court is just me basketball at my teammates NBA star NS Kanter, he's recently been traded to the Portland trailblazers. Thanks have a great practice thing. You guys so much. I appreciate it. Rising divorce rates. That's nothing new. It is new in Turkey though, women and men there are getting out of unhappy marriages. But the Turkish government wants to keep couples together for better or for worse for even now has our story. I meet Nebi in his stumble. It's far from the home and the life. She used to have any. Got news on getting. Cuffing? Maybe asked me not to use her. Last name. She grew up in a religious family and Konia one of the most conservative cities in Turkey when she was eighteen she moved his stumble for college and began working at literary magazine. That's where she met. Her husband antidotes video. He was kind intelligent and not altered Tariam like the other guys. They got married with their families consent. And he took a job as a professor in a small town at the age of twenty two Nebi became a stay at home wife, but there were hints of problems from the beginning. She says her husband could be jealous and emotionally abusive sun, God will put fish silo rush. Smoke. Senate said just it's the all too extent stimulus that she says the main reason she wanted out of the marriage was their sex life. Nebi says before they got married. Both of them were clueless about sex is the sick little candidates. The secular families. They can't talk about sex and experienced it before marriage, but then conservative families. They don't even talk about it with their mothers, also sex is usually taught of mass pleasure. Women are just supposed to procreate when Nebi asked her husband for a divorce two years into the marriage. He agreed. Eventually the hard part was telling her family, even now she seems uncomfortable talking about it. But it's the bone up. Son Alana's, all the Bishop is my father told me that he will disown me because I was being something that does not agree with. Even though divorce is becoming more common here. Many people think it's still shameful Turkey's conservative..

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