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And then they s t always showing the top teeth but smiling when shit ain't funny right now to do some stupid shit you bring it up to them in a bit start doing it that dumb ass smile on face like the shit funny the shit ain't funny pitch ship that making fun of the man took puckett man's call may fun of the man having no damn site nothing funny about this nothing's admiral about this sheep nothing you can think of when you discuss black women comes to mind and makes you wanna say something nice now people say i hate black women so fucking what what are you women motherfucking side this is the problem with black women they don't deal with the fact of what i'm talking about did you say oh well the way he said it so we get it we get fucking go follow at tj sort of my or i mean follow him because he's i would try to get him on the show i would love to can we reach out to him where's he from i don't know the hood he's local local where's he from killick and epson does he have a new york i would fuck in phoenix out for skank vet he's never coming he's got a lot of followers fifty nine thousand followers earned every one of them be better is that keith robinson playing keith plane that guy oh black bitches what you moody's shit.

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