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It's amazing even how the story is painted like they're like well rory just didn't have it today he didn't have it he hit a ball now he did par the first hole but he had a ball so far right off the tee he'd looked at i was actually the most relatable moment to me where he gets up there you know it's sunday he's got a shot it's rory everybody's psych he's playing for the career slam and he gets up there and that ball is still going right if not for the fact it's like somehow just nature and gravity kept it down that hit right of the scoreboard which most you had not seen a ball hit off the off the first heat right of the scoreboard and so when you hear the analysis you know post round that's what i in that voice he out now speech was great incredible sixty four and he he won the day on the other hand you know mrs a putt on seventeen and hits and when he gets gets a little tight on eighteen and sprays a drive and so is unable to score and then i thought you know ricky ricky fowler is the classic and i don't wanna say backup quarterback because that makes them seem inferior because he's the best player did not have won a major i know he won the players a couple years ago but i mean ricky let sixty seven sixty five over the weekend plus he's got the best side piece going and being from the same on mater never forgets where's the orange trousers on sunday and everybody loves like man ricky's just unlucky i mean he finished his fourteen under that wins this in this in this master's like yeah but it didn't he didn't win again right he's doing the lee westwood thing we're.

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