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And you're still in that job and i literally will watch fifty year old sixty year old men women get a motion because they there and this isn't to make anybody feel bad because you can change anything in a moment but i just watch how that like were were sold this process were sold the sand in lined to get good grades to get the college education to get the good job but what about life right life goes by while you're while you're while you're making live in life just screams by so i i don't know i i think things are changing faster than they ever are because of podcast because of the internet and i think people are realizing like don't feel you have to take the road everybody else does but also the my whole point was college doesn't necessarily fulfil you or make you the money you want but no college degree and sitting around hoping to get shit ass job doesn't work either if if you decided not to go to college you gotta still be a hustler and and model those playing the game at the highest level possible i mean don't listen to your you know if your aunt knows how to play tennis because she watches tennis old time if you wanna play tennis don't learn from her you wanna tennis pro right and the internet and social media has made world the world so small that you really have access to so many bad asses and how they're doing so if college isn't your thing than just make sure you learn from people that are playing go after a good okay so when you you know you said that you went back built up the body shop when all the way to selling it that's crazy was that like how old were you in that happen oh no i wasn't i wasn't young i was probably so i built the collision shop.

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