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With the innocents in the love in your eyes. What do you got? Thank you so much for talking about my innocents so beautifully articulated by Paul just face. I can feel it in your soul dude, and it's beautiful Anyway. It's time Tonto Circle back for the musical assignment that has to do with super wild card weekend. They call it super wild card weekend because it's not just four games. It's three games per day. That's a total of six games. A lot of food for those of us lot of questions a lot. A lot of mass games two days, one super wild card weekend that Z well, said tone and it's Zanon opportunity for us to celebrate things that are super, such as super groups. So we're going to pick our favorite super group or one that we really like. And a song from from their catalog from their catalog? Yeah, okay. Well, are there one album which a lot of super groups did? Yeah. You get the one. That's it? Yeah, Yeah. Who wants to go? First day I went to hell. You know what? New year at new attitude? I'll go first. Uh, You listen, super groups. There's really only one in my opinion. Forget about Clapton and win would would blind faith. Forget about all of that nonsense. It's all about what happened. Shannon, as you know, in 1985, when The Taylor Brothers got together with Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson on draw. Tony Thompson, Now the drummer of Sheikh, Don't Sleep on Sheikh punk band from the seventies. They say You know what we need? We need Robert Palmer and we need John and Andy Taylor on guitar and bass, respectively. Let's introduce the power station title track. Tony of their Ah, brilliant one off LP Some like it hot..

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