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I think there's enough games for him to do so. Especially if he keeps doing two goals each game, much like last night, yeah, I could see it happening. Absolutely. Yeah, we're not even at the 40 game mark. He's already at 54 points. Sorry. You know, we're halfway through the season. I could definitely see that happen. I mean, 60 might be a stretch, but who knows? But still, it's just everything is just coming together for this player right now. And, you know, hopefully he's happy. Because I do want to see him back here. I think the biggest thing right now is everybody wants to just have that comforting level of him signing an 8 year deal with $11 million. And that was reported by rich key, by the way, which was a little bit of a reach in my opinion. A radio guy in Boston, I'm not sure what his at a dying station that needs all the clicks they can get. Right. Right. And I'm not going to say I didn't do it, but I kind of went on board with him and said, you know, it kind of makes sense that they do this now because there was a report that I've got over my desk here at the blog and gold production studio that pasta Nat himself kind of put in a December 31st kind of deadline. Like, hey, I would like to have a deal done by now. And, you know, they continue to both sides, I'm not saying it's Don Sweeney and the organization dragging the feet. It's both sides. JP Barry, his agent, has been notorious for dragging his feet in contract negotiations. Several of his previous clients have even gone to June the last day of June before free agent started the next day to get a deal done. And I don't want to see it go that far because if David passed him back at that point, test free agency and another team comes in, we lose a player like that for absolutely nothing.

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