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I am michael jackson see. I called ago. You talk with god throughout your life. You heard this voice that you recognized as god telling you. Do you believe magic inviting you to look out the window. Where you then saw michael jackson coming down from a rainbow ray of light coming from the sky. So what happened. Then did he invite you to his playland or whatever it is. He has nine months later. The virgin birth happened again. We're happy that night He he could resurrect in vitamin e. Gold jackson's baby i'm out. I'll have listened the free talk live seven nights weeks six to nine. Pm central time on the heartland newsfeed radio network and heartland newspaper dot com aloe. Kubo what have you got planned for today. This way adventure can be found anywhere but the best place to start is in the forested most powerful magic theories outside to discovering credible animals slough and beautiful platz that come together to create an unforgettable adventure so grabbed your loved ones and explore a world of possibilities visit discovertheforest dot org to find the closest forest park to you brought to you. President joe biden signed an executive order this week ending the federal use of private prisons. But are eric taken off reports. The order does not extend to privately run immigration facilities including the northwest. Ice processing center in tacoma washington formerly known as the northwest detention center. The facility is run within our are housed in these facilities as of one year ago. Eighty one percent of people detained in ice custody were held in privately owned facilities according to the aclu washington state. Lawmakers are considering a house. Fill ten ninety which would ban private for profit detention facilities of their states including new mexico and maryland or also working on banning private prisons marketwatch reports ameritrade has restricted access to game stock. Amc and other securities as retail traders. Continue to send the market for a loop fox business market did give the retailer stock a bit of us. Verna pollution has been visited primarily on disadvantaged populations for people of color edition. As i said. I hear loss from them about wanting to be part of this coming green revolution and i think there's a huge opportunity here laid out for all of us in colorado urban and rural to benefit sweeping orders include investments in communities affected by pollution and other measures aimed at building a net zero emission economy by twenty fifty oil industry group. See the moratorium on new oil and gas leases on public lands as an attempt to delay drilling until it's no longer viable which they claim will cost jobs others say even more needs to be done and faster to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and sees on economic opportunities of clean energy transition. I'm eric gladys finally some kentucky lawmakers are proposing a statewide voucher program based on tax credits. So families can send their kids to private schools. But there's more to the story. Here's nadia ramleh. Gone house bill. One forty nine Donors like major corporations a special interest tax break for giving money to privately controlled organizations that use the funds to pay kids private school tuition. Critics say that would drain twenty five million dollars from the state budget in. Its first year alone. Fayette county public schools teacher. Jenny bolander says she understands why. Some families choose private schools but thanks public tax. Money shouldn't be used to pay for them. We've had textbooks cut for the past two years. We've had no professional development funds. I think title one got reduced. It's just a lot of the funding gap between students in wealthy and poor districts in the commonwealth is now almost three thousand dollars per student. This is by clifford. Four newsfeed dot com wall street. Bats read it someone claiming now whether this is true or not. I don't know it's just a post on the internet but it's interesting. It says that. Google just deleted over a hundred thousand negative reviews of the hood app and get to that on the way here becomes the fiftieth st. Nay can have our spot yeah. That's that's definitely where i wanted to come from on it twelve. We certainly seen people talking about secession here in new hampshire and texas and california and elsewhere so it would be nice. If they didn't have to change the flag they could just let one st go. And then you know. Dc can be a state at that way out But i've got some other related stories here to to money. This would have been sitting on for a couple of weeks. I think it's interesting. We're we're we're going to leave. The united states here for a moment and go down to to argentina Down in south. America where the us dollar has long been the most one in foreign currency according to coin desk dot com these days. People can't stop talking about. Di do you guys know what di is no d. I've held a couple of times team. So what it is. Is it as a stable coin that is based on the the us dollar value. It is but it is not a dollar backed dollar stable coins. So what makes die interesting. And i'm not going to do a good job of explaining because there's some intricacies that i can't really explain but basically die is backed is backed by crypto currency deposits. That are sort of over deposited. So when you. I think it's like when they're minting new died they require. I spend a lot of time in the backyard. The center of attention at summer barbecues in ninety six i made some of the tastiest. Moore's and at nine it was me your backyard. Firepit accidentally started a wildfire. When a summer breeze carry one of my embers into some dry brush dot org slash caregiving for care guides and community support for your strength brought to you by. Aarp and the ad council. What if i told you that a tornado was going to happen tomorrow. Right where you live. That it would touchdown exactly three seventeen pm. And i told you the exact path would take. You would of course prepare. You would talk with your loved ones and you'd make a plan today. It's true i can't tell you. A tornado will strike tomorrow. But shouldn't you have a plan anyway. Go to ready dot gov slash communicate and make your emergency plan today. Don't wait communicate brought to you by fema and the ad council. This is mario andretti. You know questions listens better and makes decisions..

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