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Okay so don't worry the thing is that that somebody's opinion but what happens is that there is a steady that says that one is good for you then there's a steady is is wine is not good for you there's a study that says coconut oil is good for you then there's a study that this coconut oil is not good for you but guess what you know what is i think an absolute tooth tequila is really good for you i guess you must be had some years ago like the miracle drink okay let me finish let me get why they need to explain to you about tequila tequila has like i think it didn't even have calories if you drink blood's got to have some kelly's because it's made out of decently sugar but it's really really healthy and i want them to do a study on tequila to find out like what the risks are because honestly that that is i think the miracle drink all right the last paragraph of this aditorial sums it up the problem with today's unnecessarily scary reports is usually not the same scientists suggesting elevated risks or these two tests are the statisticians crunching the numbers it's how these risks and numbers are reported it's the job of journalists to interpret these findings for general lawyers nonscientists meanwhile would do well to arm themselves with some basic understanding what studies and reports are really saying okay she writes as for me i shall continue drinking wine moderately of course well moderation is everything and i you know that is just like somebody's opinion because in a what i can read to you you know this guy dr mer cola who who writes about all these like healthy things he says that dino the opposite of the coconut oil controversy i mean everybody's got their own opinion so you just have to be in charge of your own health and and know what is you.

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