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Bama stopped in traditionally conservative, Orange County to campaign for Democrats running against incumbent Republicans candidate Harley brewed up the challenger. Dana Rohrabacher hopes to help flip the house of representatives in the forty eighth district which runs along the coast of Orange County. It's huge the fact that he's here in Orange County shows how important these races in Orange County are Democrats hoped to recapture House Republican seats in districts that Hillary Clinton. In one two years ago. Each of the seven candidates that Mr Obama campaign for this weekend fit that description, California Republicans though said the former presidents appearance would have little impact. In fact, they may even help their effort. You may ask yourself. How important is Orange County and the upcoming midterm election on Orange County. And that's why the d triple c is bringing up a big Barack Obama, and I'm sure they'll pride bring up Bill Clinton Chapman college political science. Professor Fred smaller, telling KNX former President Barack Obama's visit to stump. For congressional candidates is almost unprecedented. But this is an unprecedented midterm throw. It shows. How important these seats are that you're going to take for former president and bring him here? I think it also shows that the issue this campaign is Donald Trump solar added. This is a real opportunity for the Democrats because of Donald Trump's base. They absolutely love Donald Trump. But they also have a dislikes for many of the traditional Republicans. And they mean by turn out to vote often star. Donald Trump is not on the ballot many of the district's being targeted where areas which voted for Hillary Clinton and heavy libertarian districts as well. Bob Brill Canucks had seventy dollars radio. Prosecutors are reportedly investigating the financing of LA city council woman. Nouri Martinez two thousand fifteen reelection campaign. The LA times reports the county DA's office has been interviewing staffers and donors four of the donors told the times they did not make the contributions the DA's office confirmed that it is investigating complaints related to Martinez, but declined to comment any further. Coming up in just a few moments. Why Bob Woodward says that American should be very concerned about what's going on in this administration by now ten thirty five traffic.

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