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Of the millions of us citizens in mortar rico could be without power for months senator bob corker hitting back against president trump after a series of trump tweets attacking the tennessee republican in a back and forth bashing on social media corker rights it's a shame the white house has become an adult daycare center the president on twitter road corker begged him for his endorsement but he declined over the years fouryearold savannah current is the young child killed in an accident involving utility truck in holbrooke yesterday more and what happened from wbz's kim tunnicliff holbrooke police chief william smith says a fouryearold girl was playing outside her home on fargo road saturday afternoon when she was hit by a con cast truck stone arrested these mac ten times with running on the street the child was taken to south shore hospital where she died the driver of the truck stopped after the accident investigators took pictures of the comcast truck and tested its breaks the neighborhood is set to be heavily wooded and in a quiet area children are known to play outside and ride thereby wchs kim tunnicliff wbz news radio ten thirty white nationalist leader richard spencer says he'll sue ohio state university and the university of cincinnati if they don't agree to make cap a space available for him to speak a georgia college student contacted boat schools recently about rubbing spaced in the latest effort derive spencer speak on college campuses both school say safety considerations are being assessed spencer organized or white nationalist rally in august but by the deadly violence in charlottesville virginia well the fabled crockett jim building in detroit is engulfed by fire corresponded tim shoppers with more detroit's famous crong jim training site for many aspiring boxers was destroyed by fire on saturday evening the fires being listed as suspicious and under investigation crock was started by famous boxing trainer emanuel steward in 1971 it was her future champion thomas hearns trained i'm tim show virtual fishermen's being treated that mass general hospital after he was airlifted by the coast guard from a vessel.

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