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Traffic and weather together straight ahead. And then Trump president has announced that he's gonna take the troops out of Syria. And there's a lot of controversy about that. We'll go in depth coming up, traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. It's eight oh, eight and sexy still dealing with a shutdown. This four sponsored by king operating corporation northbound Bush turnpike remains closed at merit because of an accident. You're backed up from at least Miller we're looking at an hour to an hour and a half tied up there. So definitely need to seek an alternate route. Perhaps if you're in the backup highway sixty six or Miller west to Rowlett road, north you're on thirty just avoid the Bush turnpike completely. You can take a seventy eight off of thirty and that'll get you up around that as well. Corinne, southbound thirty five near lake Sharon drive. It's an accident. Three right lanes are blocked at last check. That's going to sell you back to at least post. Oh, let's head over to Julian Rogers with another look at thirty five W A north Fort Worth. That's coming apart. Pretty well. We had two problems as it turns out a vehicle fire on the right side at twenty eighth and a stall at northside drive on the left. So that was what we were seeing was moved over to the left side of the freeway. But right now, we're improving from thirtieth still going to be a little bit slow and maybe worth it to take the toll lanes as you head up into north Fort Worth. But the main. Lanes are improving again, thirty five north rising that's gonna be construction on the exit ramp. And so if you're coming from Burlington, that's why we have a little bit heavier than normal traffic starting around. Renan Crowley grapevine. Eastbound one fourteen main accident left shoulder still seeing traffic little bit sticky on northbound one twenty one coming from Bedford northbound forty five also with some slowing. Here's Randy fuller. Northbound Forty-five from Illinois to Lamar looks fairly heavy then you're clear into downtown. You're deep Ellum past commerce. It's sluggish to northwest highway north downtown westbound seventy five railroad construction is in the right lane backup happens along second avenue late June and northbound six thirty five from eighty it's forty minutes to Hillcrest north west Alice. Northbound Luke twelve offer thirty-five year, it was an accident. There. That's cleared overall. We're still seeing some of the usual moderate to heavy traffic on Luke twelve from the thirty interchange heading.

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