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It was steve kerr and they mixed him in dream on green up i don't know if you've seen the two side by side natal again hitting alike okay like steve kerr and dream on green don't look anything like i know this is radio but i can confirm that i was sam are tech producer and kevin figures are national anchor data lookalike either trai on green this i was sam look completely different than kevin figures there it is so the whole the whole notion that the officials just got mixed up is bs i'm albina per second here was theron loo after the game talking with the media about it for you give an explanation on what happened with us who technical foul a'dream on thirdquarter mike callahan told me that um the i wanna call was all steve kerr at i said was right on the box on all the see the it was all day long the oscars table people said the same thing the evidently said lozo steve kirk i want so those exclamation the so afterwards we have we have more because the officials mike kellyanne and john goebel they met with a poor reporter guy who's there after the game and it was brian mulroney of these societa press an actually i've talked to brian a couple of times actually a good guy and so they got a transcript of the back and forth with the poor reporter from the associated press in one of the questions miss this is where i know something's off the question from the poor reporter was when you actually called the one on steve kerr how did you explain it to the table and the official answered with after calling the loose ball foul on dream on green i noticed the reaction by coach curre and then assess the technical foul in the moment i thought i had verbalize to the table that the technical foul was on coach curre after looking at the video no i did not verbalised to the table and looking at the video i should have done a better job of making sure that the table new the technical fouls on coach curre.

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