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And you're just I don't know. It was what it wants. It's it's one of the high points of your tennis career, right? It doesn't always have to end in victory. But you left it all out there. Once again, it was the worst player for me to play really at that time because especially at that point of the tournament because he was no miss guy. He was fit yet. And he never would miss. He keeps the ball in play. And he had power I needed at that time because I was wearing down a bit. I needed to play a guy like Edberg, right? Somebody. That, you know, serving volleyed with a points for quick, and you know, but but his semi was Lendl. I'd wanna play him either. Because he was he was a courier type. But Jim came out. I mean he handled. I mean that crowd was during that eleven days deputy handled his business he handled his business was right? He didn't let the crowd get into it in any way. And and believe me, I mean, if if I could have gotten stuck into that match with him they would have done something for kraken enroll in a crowd would and he took care of his business and played. And I I always I look back. And and I always thought I mean, he plays Stefan Edberg in the final. I thought that you know, after he beat me I thought that he would win. But an Bergman Edberg me. Yeah. Well, folks, every time you step out on that court. And this is from the ultimate neophyte. I am not a good athlete, but I've watched enough of it. And I've known some tennis players, you gotta remember. And this is why I always admire boxes the most in some weird way. When I think about Lee and Joe Frazier. Joie on one hundred and ten degrees. And they you know, let's face facts tennis is the closest thing to that. But you're not thumping each other in the head, you know. And I always think that God somebody's got to step up there and do that. And that's the cool thing about tennis, and a terrifying thing, you can be it can be six six zero six own a second and the kids not gonna take his foot off a guess, whoever is trying to take nor would you and your young exactly. And and you're out there alone. He's not even allowed to receive coaching from the stands and always think man, these guys are near money because nobody's out there, helping you. There's no nine guys in baseball or eleven and football or five and hoops where he can hide it's you it's as close as you can come to boxing say without getting punched in the head and no time limit. Yeah. That was the good thing about it before the tiebreaker came in. I mean, you know, if you're a Pancho Gonzalez played a match at Wimbledon that went over two days five sets over. I mean, eighteen six. Ecksteen with John Borg at one point or something like that. I think the tiebreaker that was tiebreaker hold that was their tiebreaker. You're talking about games could go forever. Yeah. The fifth sector go, you know, until I think it was eighteen sixteen in the fifth or and then and then not an eighteen sixteen time that I remembered eighteen sixteen games in. There was a match at Wimbledon six six years ago. John is ner played I'll think of his name here. But they went think seventy two seventy in the fifth games that was over. I was doing the TV for and hope you're getting paid piecemeal. I'm thinking how you know. I'll pass it out watching it. You know, go on, you know, it's ten o'clock, then we have to come back and Manno man that was just went on forever. See Reardon would have struck. You the paid by the game. That's right. I miss him for that. To some good negotiating for me. We're talking to the great Jimmy Connors. And I would be remiss at the end if I didn't say not only was this cat the blessed with women as life for his young. He meets one of the all-time. Great things. His wife. Patti who I loved dearly. She's sweet and she's fun. She's allies. And he's got a beautiful daughter..

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