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The great barry goldwater of whom i was always a great fan myself jeff flake is a liberal he's got an f raiding a conservative review on the liberty score f he's under a sixty percent here's a book out called conscience have a conservative i think it's a great title cutchet's of a concern the problem is already been written barry goldwater is great book conscience of a conservative britain by brent bozo's father ghostwritten by brembos us father william buckley's brotherinlaw conscience of a conservative so here we have flake who takes the title of the book conscience of a conservative the cover the book which is not identical but very close to the original cover of conscience of a conservative slaps his own meaningless imbecilic arguments inside the cover of a book called conscience of a conservative to justify his liberal sell out agenda and so many people in arizona not the listeners to this program rep people are really engaged with many people that oh jeff flake is grady said conservative look at that like barry goldwater it's not true jeff flake is saying he's a liberal really not a moderate susan rice isn't a moderate lisa mccaskeys not a moderate these people support massive spending open borders obama care and all its form really it's not a moderate that's a liberal all right i've rain at long enough we'll be right back month over him twelve fifty wtma a big talker wtma restoring salmon herring runs i'm bob hershon and this is science up days the springtime migration of millions of salmon herring and other fish upstream to spun has all but ended in many parts of the northeastern us mostly because of the construction of thousands of dams in the journal bioscience fisheries biologists steven maddox and his colleagues at umass amherst document the new nearly four hundred year history of dams how they blocked fish runs unchanged entire ecosystems or you're looking at it with your finger day on the waterfall in a parliamentary tears during below merck little cracked the damp have are not disperse what other order from in really spread much further than the one that you're working on the other.

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