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This thomas davis plays with a passion for the he plays one way in it's hard and he definitely looks like he's distraught over this i know he didn't mean to do it but defensive players are coached that where there is an interception you turn around you try to get a block for you teammates that this won't just ended up being out of defenceless wide receiver and i know thomas davis feels terrible personal intercepting team number picked the the philippine yard penalty no bnfl his talked about what we wanna do going forward what are the things that basit are going to talk about are the offseason baby implementing the college targeting rule in college that would be any checks it for that hotel the content yeah because his he was coming back to lay that block on atoms there was contact with his helmet tubing helmet of davante adams and again i i think you could ask around the league there's a photo of respect for thomas davis he didn't mean to do this but fortunately this just part of the game and looks like davante adams could go back to locker room they might have a dual valuated for it because they had set up the medical tent on the sideline of the doctor said forget that davante adams is headed back to the locker room so the ball will be moved back is just over the fifty yard line and carolina will start there with there 3point lead ten forty eight will let it get a third quarter christian mccaffrey the backfield dudes right bougie was left now back to his right newton as the shotgun sat be fixed at a camp we both whiteside isn't of assad which is up acts of what had a catch now before site what is the first down dixit inside the voting down around the green bay thirty seven yard lot of pick a thirteen josh pockets baby tackle that's the second one at a cat who cheaper bread goes into the contest give it seems like him because of his footwork sometimes he doesn't necessarily step quite into his throws leads.

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