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For the monitor. Talk curbing migration. From latin america has often focused on social ills in the countries of origin. A newly emerging emphasis showing the opportunities that can come with staying put martinez dapple single and in his twenties fits the profile of many guatemalans who head the united states in search of opportunity. He estimates four of his seven. Closest friends have left and he have expected it to do it himself but his family raised him with an emphasis on working the land and connecting to their mayan history and has something else that quits his dream within reach access to land. After years of planning he's built in organic cultural business. Here in the western highlands. My connection to the land helps maintain me. This is what opened opportunities for me he says. Us conversation about halting migrants asylum seekers along its southern border tense dissenter on push pull factors crime. Hunger and limited jobs push migrants away from home while promises of employment family reunification safety and education whole them. North rarely does the conversation focus on learning from cases. Like mr apples. Those who decide they can build a future at home. It's a perspective. Migration experts say could make or break. The success of new us initiatives the biden administration has pledged an additional three hundred and ten million dollars in aid to central america to improve living conditions and lower migration on top of propose four year. Four billion dollar package. This story was reported by jeff. Abbott in zonal guatemala. And whitney you lick in mexico city along touted tool for cutting carbon emissions caps getting left out of us. Policymakers makers toolkit are climate writer unpacked the political and practical reasons for that in the search for practical ways to curb the emissions behind global warming. Policy experts come back to one idea again and again if you tax those emissions businesses and people will find ways to reduce them yet that very policy a carbon tax has been notably missing and president. Joe biden's ambitious climate agenda since he took office. It highlights the roadblocks in the american political system for major environmental action. At a time. When mr biden's goal of including big climate initiatives in an infrastructure bill is also in doubt despite support in the business community carbon. Pricing ideas haven't found substantial support on capitol hill partly. because there were tax is unpopular. There are ways to offset the burden such as by giving tax payers dividends back after pain carbon related fees yet even a centrist policy like carbon pricing becomes buffeted by the political wings of each party. It has bipartisan support. In principle says dan lashof the director of the world resources institute but if you actually try to count up republican members of who have sponsored or cosponsored carbon pricing bill. That's currently in. Congress is pretty thin. This story was reported by stephanie. Haynes.

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