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What harbin brooke portfolio brokaw or or i want to urge them during a question of this was a good pass if were still favouring here that was my father trying to save brock osweiler here is brock osweiler throw your parents during the game yesterday is the broncos beat the patriots with veal let's get with the ogle iraq look at hatched the rockets period the big deal i you the best part of that is the bystanders look at this guy with the place he up no we've got another guy out there who cut to protest the catch you could we see it again there's one guy in puts his hand like he's going to catch and then he's very startled right oh well here's where dominance wrong the best part of that is it hit a human being on the four reveal the put a ball spot and payments air i tried to distract from looking at their poor guy has that he had enough shameless laugh at other people around him those real bad through with nazi worse offer to utah that is so i mean he's right he has seen wars tricky i like is this synergy because when you think about guys need to be alert on the side lives you also big of other cheap this 'cause i think it was last week when eighty rate turns its back on a solid satellite stay alert weather's ball's coming or football players don't tell you back on a sidewalk don't look down follow ball you might die why did this becoming after school special lesson because i don't like laughing at people in their ball spots.

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