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And that as well as the the lead rachel brosnahan that took me seventeen attempts to say correctly i don't know why the spelling is a little henke i'm gonna go with handke on brosnahan i may still be mispronouncing at rachel the uh the lead actress who's who's a wonder can she's a fee phnom if this were a sports talk which it isn't thankfully and my guest today has a a new movie that you've seen promotion four if you've not seen the film yet it is poised as a as a big christmas comedy release it doesn't take place a christmas just that's a season it's being released then and um you know every now and then these the timing sort of lines abu we'll get into details about batum because it's been a long road um but i'm very excited to have missed larry scher here um maybe i'm not even saying sure correctly no it is okay gainfully because there could be sheer yeah ron wants to say share sure sheer right the two news to like sure i'm sure i'm sure i'm fine via i'm ari larry i'm saying correctly younger sexier the re dammit larry welcome eggs could be here yeah uh let let's talk first about the is that correct the other folks here's here's good news so there's a three table monthly tournament that i plan also where in someone's home they set up three tables and everyone buys in for the same amount and then you can read by up to the dinner break and then there's no more revise there's an ad on before the swearing and then the the last six remaining players start to get paid and um so i came in fourth and made back everything did really reload good.

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