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Let's let's Talk Sports. This is why we're all here. They said the sklar brothers GonNa have them coming up. as well Also I saw an interesting sting article about The NFC championship game that there are ten free agents in this game and normally you'd say you know who the top ten free agents and football. There's ten in this game at least ten that you might want on your team and we'll mariya down a little more on Friday but I just want to start off with that because the one that we've been talking about a lot out here in San Francisco is that Eric Armstead Who was not considered a bust? But he was the seventeenth overall selection and people were like you know he needs to step up and then you saw Brenston Buckner who was picked the year after him he was better. But then you saw Thomas. Armstead was better than him. And it looked like deforest buckner who tonight say Brenston Buckner. He was the guy that was just fired. Although in my defense Brenston Buckner it did play for the forty niners. But I'm still very wrong there. Anyway Eric Armstead had ten sacks this season that's more than his whole career the last four seasons combined now. Obviously when you have deforest Buckner Nick Bosa and D Ford. A lot of people are not going to concentrate on on him. Eric Armstead who was the high school left tackle of the year. Yes offensive tackle your at folsom high school when he was a senior senior up there in Sacramento area. But he's only twenty six years old and only fifteen players in the. NFL had double digit sacks tax. And he is one of them. So I know there was talk about may be giving him a franchise tag. We'll see about that They they also have Jimmy Ward Jimmy Ward coming into the season I mean the secondary was obviously perceived as weakness. And what did they really add and they they went out and they signed. Jason Gerrad like Willie be healthy finally but and ward missed like three games. This guy was also a first round pick. He was when when the niners lost the super bowl he was the thirtieth overall pick and he's only played a full sixteen game season once. And that's going to hurt us. Free Reagents stock. He also has not had an interception in three years. But Jimmy Ward brings the pain. He can hit you and the other thing about Jimmy warn. Sometimes you Kinda reminds me of karl-josef for the raiders is that he hits harder than his body is built for but when he came in he was all American safety safety at I WanNa say Northern Illinois and he was brought in and immediately Jim Harbaugh They drafted Eric. Eric read or now they already had eric read. And I'm like why are they. Drafting a free safety when they have. Eric Reed doesn't seem like a position of need so they made him a corner and then Tom Soula made him a corner. And then chip Kelly said play low safety nevermind play corner and it wasn't until Kyle Shanahan came in with Robert Sala Sala and they said wait a minute. Weren't you in all American safety. Why don't you go back to safety again? Emmanuel Sanders we knew about that. He was a rental and a good one at that. Even if the one don't want another game it was a good trade and thirty three years old but and I mean if you think about Thousand Yard Receiver. He's only done it three times but he's never really been used as a Julio Jones type of receiver but that's not really his bag but I doubt the niners will have money for him. We can keep an eye on that and then some other guys on the niners. That maybe aren't as impactful. Well if you look at Ronald Blair this is a guy who was just absolutely tearing it up before he missed half the season guy who can get some saks. Ben Garland he's played for three teams undrafted out of Air Force remember and he had to. He got the Salute Service Award Last year as a former academy guy time but A guy who was playing on the defensive line and college before now playing a little center and then Sheldon Day. He's a twenty five year old. He's never going to lead. The team in sacks expert is very stout body and he was a relatively sought after player three years ago in the draft. When the Jags took him and I look at the packers Blake Martinez a very high volume tackler? He's in the last believe it or not last three seasons. He's top three in tackles. He's only twenty six and this year. One hundred and fifty five tackles three sacks forced fumble interception. I mean think about that when you go. Who are some of the best linebackers and football? No one's talking about Blake Martinez. But they're the numbers they don't lie. Braga a guy who remember some niner fans that they were going to draft that guy but he's been a consistent player ever since he came in as a first round. Pick hard to believe it was ten years ago now I'm twenty third overall. He'll be on the market. He's had a lot of injuries lately. Mason Crosby Mason. Crosby the League as the can't Miss Kicker now that was thirteen years ago. He's thirty five years old. He's never missed a game. He's concerned converted ninety eight percent of his field goals from less than thirty which is a hugely impressive but he has not slowed down. He only missed to fill goals all year. So it's hard to argue when you look around the league and you think you know who can we get Mason crosby. He's going to be thirty six and he's GonNa get paid. Because how many teams are desperately searching for a kicker. I mean you have good teams when the steelers go through five kickers and then finally drama. Oh Toronto Alison. He's never gonNA pop off the stat sheet but solid depp. Wherever he goes he re finish the year with thirty four catches so as I said there are some guys is out there but this is something for the future? They're not worried about free agency right. Now they're worried about getting a ring and and that's why I think it's funny when Aaron Rodgers I just I don't think the packers stand a freaking chance in this game and it's weird for me to say that because I always try to look at all all the the good and I thought Clemson had a good chance on the national championship. I wasn't picking them but I think Green Bay has no chance will they lose thirty seven under seven when they're out here and Aaron Rodgers sis looked so pathetic unless it's just this ruse where they're suddenly going to rise up. The niners are champing and chomping at the bit. They can't wait to get out of this guy. He looked lethargic in the divisional round. But he's still Aaron Rodgers and he still made the throws the tough throws to kill the clock. Those third down throws which you know just showed why. He's one of the most accurate quarterbacks in history. But I don't know it just look. We thought we knew it was going to happen earlier. Without the Patriots GonNa win. We thought the Baltimore Ravens. We're going to win. I mean we just we a New Orleans saints. We're GONNA win so as obvious as a Kansas City San Francisco match up in Super Bowl. Fifty four looks. We can't turn our gaze off the game because the next thing you know. I mean look at Trevor Lawrence. The Guy Never played a game in his college life. He said the last game he lost was the spring game orange versus white. I guess and he was awful in the National Championship. They counted fourteen overthrows overthrows. Do you have fourteen overthrows. I can see four. Why because he had a bad game? He's a human being. I mean he had a bad game at the worst time. So what if that happens. Jimmy Jean what are the atmosphere kettle. What that happens to anybody you know and so i? I said it doesn't look good. Both of these teams are favored. By at least a touchdown Kansas City by seven and the niners fair by seven. And a half. But take your eyes off often. And it's.

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