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James, the only double figures score coming into the game on the Oklahoma roster. The other was Germany macneice who is close. He is at nine point nine, but James with twenty three ten of nineteen shooting only three of eight from three which is a huge one Callixte. He has twelve manic five of seven from three after coming in. Really struggling from beyond that aren't really just twenty eight percent. He's the difference maker. I think for Oklahoma tonight. Freeman who came in is a good three point shooter is played sixty minutes and may three of six threes. He has eleven points. Notre Dame back on the floor again. After the time out Gibbs hub Pflueger Mooney. And Durham so the Irish. Especially on the left side of that two three zone is how they line up. Let's see if they stay in the two three. And they are one twelve remaining regulation time the passion comes into Callixte prolixity over the record striped frozen auto Grenada Reynolds back to collect the over to James James to collect the top of the key. Now Reynolds manic three away, let's side. It's no good long. Rebound goes to Mouni Irish trail by three. They have the ball Fifty-seven seconds left. Regulation. Give to the basketball to Mooney Mooney handing it off to hub hub in the center circle. Twenty on the shot clock. Fifty on the game clock pump now dribbling who is right up up shop. Now Mooney now to Pflueger thirteen on the shot clock. Pflueger top of the key between his legs Pflueger around a screen from Durham who roles now. It's in the corner Mooney back to Pflueger five and the shot clock. Pflueger drives into the lane throws up for the last. No good. What file is called against Oklahoma. It's on James. That's his four Pflueger is going to go to the line to shoot two is that's the tenth file against Oklahoma Pflueger has not gone to the line tonight on the season. Eighty six percent nineteen of twenty two coach break talk at apprentice hub..

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