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And litigation attorneys. Search factor law time for sports with Dave Kerner him a little bit of intrigue at the top of the twenty nineteen NFL draft for the Zona cardinals. The number one pick what they take a quarterback what they may be going another direction they decided on the signal caller as WBZ M's. Jeff Joni AC tells us now in this live report kinda Murray out of Oklahoma photos. Baker Mayfield a year ago by Cleveland, the number one pick in the draft. The cardinals really invested a lot of time and effort in this try to secure potential trade if they wanted to move Josh Rosen. No, takers, they go with Moore. A competitor of the game to pick would be the dream. Come true. So if my name was called number one that would be ready to go for, sir. And you'll be ready to go a new head coach cliff Kingsbury one of three quarterbacks taken so far. The I seventeen picks Daniel Jones to the giants with six pick out of Duke and just a short time ago. It's twain Haskins Washington to pick fifteen out of Ohio State. There have been eleven defensive players on the I seventeen so actions. One trade it was Denver dealing with Pittsburgh Steelers invested in Michigan linebacker, Devin Bush at how covering the draft Yunliang act NewsRadio one five point nine. Again. The bears. Do not have a pick until tomorrow they will draft in the third round the eighty seven seventh overall pick and that of course, is barring trade where they could move up now to baseball cubs lose to the dodgers to one Wrigley this afternoon. A pitchers battle John Lester lost it sixteen days on the injured list gave up a run on four hits over five innings and his one on one with the loss. The dodgers scoring their runs on a heavy bias air that brought in one. And then Cody Bellinger hit a sacrifice. Fly off of Kyle Ryan in the eighth inning. That was it insurance run at the time. Albert Elmore junior homered in the bottom of the ninth too. Little too late NBA playoff San Antonio leads. Denver ninety eight eighty five fourth quarter nuggets up three games to two Stanley Cup playoffs..

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