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It's really difficult to build and grow a business without repeat customers. So how'd you get first time customers to come back. Well you've got create customers that rave about your brand from the ramsey network. This is the entree leadership podcast where we help business. Leaders grow themselves their teams and their profits. I'm your host george camel in today's episode. We're talking about building a brand which connects to our business driver of product. Our first guest is joe hamilton. Ceo vortex optics. A family owned and operated company. They've got three hundred team members. That aim to help you. Find the right optic for your outdoor adventures. I sat down with joe talk about. Why building brand with raving fans is important. Any business in our second conversation. I sit down with ramsey leader. Andy hi our executive director of digital marketing and we talk about how ramsey solutions creates raving fans. No matter what part of the business they interact with up first my conversation with joe around why every business needs to build a brand people rave about joe. It's good to be with today. Yeah thanks for having me. This is gonna be fun. You are leading the crew over a vortex optics and we got a lot of fans of yours here in this building But for those that maybe aren't familiar with what vortex does give us the high level. Yes oh vortex. Optics were a family owned business We've got about three hundred. Sixty plus team members were here in southern wisconsin and we primarily specialize in sport optics so rifles scopes binoculars spotting scopes red dots. We sell to hunting retailers shooting retailers bird-watching stores and obviously we support all those customers..

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