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Let's say Hello to Jason ISAACs and Geno Maloney. Jason. I was wondering if we could start by you telling us how you got this role. Have they get you living in an I could not get arrested in the film about never done television. American television for many many is on someone says, maybe just tell us. Been reduced to that. They said the west wing. Really wet myself with five or there was it was and still is far away my favorite television program. I was just be on Vic size as being everything about. It was a shock coach really to be that the me because I come from the world of film of waiting for a long time hadn't done each other. I was used to the scripting of a loose blueprint the starting point for hustler or discussion, and that's very much not the culture. But that I found on the west wing is that fair to know. Yes. Yes. We've heard this from other film actors to the there was a bit of a culture clash or rude awakening was a leading company, but I you know, the wrestling more so even than of Americans of the programs. I think at inheritance in errands genius. He wasn't writing anymore, but three dollars for three dollars. It wasn't the semi colon. And then it just it was it was very surprising. Just never been in that environment for many money is. And so the first thing I did I remember rightly suggests that he'd be Irish north. Irish. And there was some to the belts because you came from bell foster, it'd be interested in you know, bombs and sectarian divisions. But it was really so get myself some licensed to change the Thailand. And then the other huge adjustment was that. I was an addict of the show infamy. I was meeting Jochen Donna and Toby in old fee. Jane was people and the fact that they were all poof and cared about. Whether they look nice in in the lens and sorry, we disappointed you ever delightful jomie. But some how they were the saviors of the free world, and then they would just lovely but actors. I don't really go over the fact that in my mind, they were propping up the crumbling et of democracy for the rest of us. I'm surprised actually to learn that you met everyone because all of your scenes were shot in this location. I wasn't sure if that would have been the case. I went to the set for costumes and makeup and chats and stuff. And I if I remember rightly Richard is directing the episode previous ill. And if Richard is quite a serious like on a normal day on the diamond as directing you can up to fifty. So I felt like I really did meet Toby. But we went to it was in the Salton sea. How much you do you remember much member films feature now with it was something? Yeah. I do it had a very specific sent. Now, the city has this kind of sulphurous kind of sent it's an odd place. I found it kind of an on place will I remember an I may have completely wrong like many things wrong is that it was built originally as the world's first largest manmade turret. Drainage wrong, and you'll bring very diplomatic about it sent it stunk for many miles away. And we we stayed if I'm writing we stayed in a motel. Yeah. No expense, spared Chinese food, and we will gather around the kind of algae covered swimming pool tweet, we complain to the young the desk about the other stand of the Chinese food or up thin wolves or something about telling these these guys see the building up on the hill. There goes it's prison. The only people that are staying here comes in the first night out in the hookers with them..

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