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Way but something similar to that effect my god open the window our it's not you it's me fine big knowledge you know who's got it good right now those two astronauts that went up on that SpaceX rocket yeah they'll let it it may take up to help they got the best seats of anybody right now so what we're gonna do here the hammering Nigel show is paid tribute to astronauts Bob and Doug now when we came up with the single from hammer Nigel records we were kind of going through a George Michael face three two one twenty two and I think you're great this is a severe weather alert from the ninety three W. white BC storm desk the National Weather Service in Indianapolis is issued a severe thunderstorm warning for southern Madison northwestern Handcock and southeastern Hamilton counties until seven PM at six thirty is severe thunderstorm was located over Noblesville west of Anderson moving southeast at twenty miles per hour again that's a severe thunderstorm warning for southern medicine.

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