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Operators in New Jersey have circled on their calendars governor Phil Murphy says starting July second indoor dining and casino gambling may resume but as we hear from K. Y. W. S. Mike denardo there are limits it's another step as New Jersey emerges from its coronavirus lockdown governor Murphy says on July second casinos may reopen and indoor dining may resume each at twenty five percent capacity they are just the first of what will be multiple re opening announcements we intend to make throughout this week as we finalize our dates Rosita lamberti who manages the Aldo lamberti chain of restaurants says she's waiting for specific re opening guidance from the state but she's been imagining how social distancing inside would look we've reset the cables to fix the apartment fifty for our own knowledge of what it would look like and how many tables we can track that we've already been working with with that idea in our heads lamberti says employees did have to be furloughed but that without door dining allowed again most of the staff has been hired back at least part time and with indoor dining coming back she expects to have close to a full work force once again Mike DiNardo KYW newsradio the department of justice says the US attorney's office for the Northern District of Alabama and FBI agents are looking into a noose that was found in NASCAR star Bubba Wallace's garage store Ascot presidency felt we have a very small number of people that are in the footprint only essential personnel who is there I'm obviously your view the entire list with the FBI about who had access at that particular time rival NASCAR drivers are behind the circuits lone black competitor correspondent Steve Futterman reports they pushed his car to the front of the pits in the Talladega superspeedway prior to the start of today's rates it was quite a moving scene as all the NASCAR drivers and pit crews slowly escorted Bubba Wallace and his number forty three race car to a special starting spot at the very front almost every driver embraced Wallace and one of NASCAR's all time greats the king eighty two year old Richard Petty made a special appearance standing right next to Wallace Ryan.

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