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Music from involved. They are going to be on the line even. Shell later on today a couple. Of performances there's a lot going on at the state fair. I'm joined. Here on. The state fair porch at. W. c., c. l.. By. Senator Tina Smith good morning thank. You, welcome for. Coming out here I mean. Thank, you welcome thank you for being out here well thank you it's great to be here I my only disappointment is. That, I didn't. Quite enough time to get, my, mini doughnuts before I came to the porch fortunately they're convenient Right. Around, the corner Really sorry well I just, finished a, foot long hot dogs so good for. A, little while here hey let's talk about this news. From over the weekend I know that you know a short time so far serving in the Senate and you maybe not a lot of time to cross paths with, the the, great Senator John McCain but here are some of your thoughts of what you about his. His, life and legacy well one of my great regrets is that I was coming into the Senate just as Senator McCain was no longer in the on the floor. Of the Senate chamber so I've never been on the floor of the Senate chamber with Senator McCain I think so many of us. Around the country have been thinking about his service he really hit him is is public service his entire life dedicated to serving this country I think also John's commitment to working, with people across party lines is so clear and it's I'm noticing wonder if you're thinking. About, this too however the public service celebrating his life on Friday both President Bush and President Obama are going to be speaking the two men who defeated him when. He ran for president yet his respect for them and their respect for him Caused them to. Be the ones that his, family wanted to, be president during that special day I know. That they both knew and had a good deal of respect for him as well, let's talk, about a couple of other things for folks who. Might, not be real clear on this share with, everybody here how your path to the Senate came about well I was serving as Lieutenant governor with Mark Dayton I had, run with Mark in one thousand nine hundred nineteen fourteen Great by the way Only one hundred. Sixty nine sixty I was legitimate. Governor elected in two thousand fourteen and then when Senator Franken made the difficult decision, to step down from. The Senate Mark Dayton appointed me so I have now been in the Senate for about nine months About nine months and of course I'll be on. The ballot in November and then this is a. Special election and if I win in November then I'll the seat will be on, the ballot again in. Twenty twenty right because you're basically filling in the filling the void Yeah Term so let's talk about this another shooting over the, weekend this one in. Jacksonville Again you know guns. And guns, are going to become, part of the talk share your thoughts on that you. Know my views on this I think are pretty similar to a lot of Minnesotans I believe that we can have commonsense reforms to our gun laws that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people. And also protect our second amendment rights and a lotta Minnesotans feel the same way I think almost ninety percent of Minnesota's believed that. We ought to have background checks regardless of where you, buy a gun for example so if. You buy a gun at Dick's, sporting goods you do a simple background check yet if you. Buy a. Gun online you don't need to do the same. Kind of background check that doesn't that's not common sense to a lot. Of Minnesotans that's the kind of thing that I think that we could be doing and I also want to say that one of the. Biggest problems we have in this country is the epidemic of of mental health challenges and and most. One of the most dangerous things that can happen is. For a gun today Get into the hands of somebody who's having a. Mental health. Crisis because of suicide those are the kinds of. Public health issues that I think we ought to be doing a lot. More looking at and really research onto you know something that's going to come into play I think a lot we'll be immigration I know. You have you had a debate scheduled but you had to cancel because you were doing Washington Been rescheduled. Yet well actually I'm I we were. Able to reschedule it but I don't think that that time worked out. For my opponent and so we you know we wanted to do a debate here at the, state fair and I'm sorry that it didn't work, out and we're, very interested in debating and I think we're hoping to get rescheduled sometime soon but we'll know that and we'll. Pass that along when that occurs but you know something that that occurred I think the day of the discovery of Molly Tibbets body and Iowa it raised immigration questions because of the accused being here. Illegally the company that hired him said we didn't know that we had lied or falsified but it actually I think your opponent just basically, that day, blamed Liberal Democrats for the death of. Molly Tibbets respond to. That I think. That my opponent ought to listen to the family, of Molly Tibbets who called on people not to politicize Is this tragic death I'm pretty sure you don't have a part in this Move on That's the some of that Minnesota state fair with what, you would, you know that's. That's fine The thing that I want to say about this though. Is that in two thousand and thirteen the United States Senate bipartisan, with John, McCain's support past A comprehensive immigration reform plan seventy votes in, the United States Senate that included improvements to verify and if. That Bill had been passed by the house and then it had been signed into law then there would, have been e-verify that. Would have identified this this person who I. Believe ought to, be prosecuted to the full extent of the law to protect us and. That didn't happen that's why we need comprehensive immigration reform, indeed so the Democrats it's been a lot of talk about the Democrats having momentum in November Idea sense that or is that just sort of a, is it a media thing that's. Been hyped you know I think we could see in the primary that large amount than. He's much at the high number of votes in the democratic primary show that. Democrats are very energized engage I think people across the. Board Democrats Republicans independents are. Paying a lot of attention to what's happening and this election and that is. A good thing for our democracy all, right I know that you are going to be a guest on. My regular show coming up a little later on so will state Senator Karin Housley I think we'd, probably one day for one of you and another day for. The next so I wanna come back to you talk some about funding for Planned Parenthood some of the, other issues that you. Have made important we'll do that going forward. I look forward, to it and everyone have a great day at the fair thank you Senator Tina Smith we'll take time out for the latest news here now on. WCTC l. While the WTO? Traffic, center, as put traffic.

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