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Heather Curtis efforts to end the government shutdown continue, even though the Senate voted down both democratic and Republican sponsor bills to reopen. The government today speaking moments ago, President Donald Trump says we knew they both were not gonna go anywhere. We thought and now Mitch is negotiating with. Chuck Schumer, and we'll see what happens. I think they just left a meeting. They just had a meeting. I think they're going out to see that people, but they just left. So if Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and minority leader Chuck Schumer strike a deal. Well, Mr. Trump back at the agreement is I mean, yeah. But if they come to a reasonable agreement, I would support it. But if no deals reached TSA agents and air traffic controllers at Reagan, national and other federal workers will be going without a paycheck for a second week tomorrow today here warning of rippling effects on the airline industry TSA agents say that without pay. They can no longer afford to come into work. We don't work air traffic controllers, don't work air, traffic, controllers, don't work, the maintenance, don't work maintenance. Don't work flight crew. Don't work flight crew. Don't work college don't work. Rachel Abraham with the TSA union, president of the national air traffic controllers association. Paul Rinaldi says some controllers are turning to lift an Uber. Driving to make ends meet and that's impacting their work. I'm starting to see routine. Stakes in clearances being made because controllers are distracted win delayed and one of your mail and WMA AL dot com. In other news today. A man is charged in connection with a car crash on Indian head highway and oxen hill last month the kill three children. Prince George's county state's attorney Aisha brave boy outlines the charges against Thomas. Hawks who says that he blew a point one seven on a Breathalyzer after the crash the charges are three counts of the Hitler manslaughter as a result of gross negligence and two counts of causing life threatening injuries by motor vehicle and their other lesser related charges. Police are now looking for hawks. So they can arrest him the motive behind a shooting at a Florida Bank yesterday that left five women dad is unclear Sebring police chief Carl Hoglund, we have no information as to this time as to what his true motives may have been believe that it is a random act don't believe anybody was specifically targeted, but we are still trying to. Establish, obviously, what has occurred gravity and the nature of Linus occurred suspect Zaphon Xaver is being held without bond on five counts of premeditated murder after a court appearance this morning. The Virginia Senate approved legislation that would make it easier to bring a gun to a place of worship the GOP. Controlled Senate narrowly voted to support the legislation today. The Bill would repeal a law that prohibits people from bringing guns and knives. Places of worship during religious services without a quote, good and sufficient reason, Democrats say the Bill would make places of worship unsafe Republicans say individual places of worship should be able to make their own decisions about whether to allow guns on site. The Bill still has to pass the house, and then be signed by the governor to become law. Checking your money the Dow closed down twenty two points today to twenty four thousand five hundred fifty three the NASDAQ closed up forty seven to seven thousand seventy three wwl sports. Brought to you by the T J Martell foundation tonight. The wizards take on the Golden State Warriors at eight up next. Traffic and weather on WMA. Big storms.

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