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Don't watch Black Mirror <hes> but I think it is saw something that's rely that similar to this idea wisdom keeper or no the intelligence amplifier and like this trailer that just showed up on my netflix because I was trying to scroll through when the other day <hes> but it is really cool. I think amy that the concept air is just as Google curates the web and tries to give you using agents tries to give you the best answer <hes> it's for what you want. The the idea there is the curation is flat of that in any given time by asking the question or maybe eventually thinking the question but in his world asking the question that it'll surface the right memory Marie and and then you can then stitch together the context. I think one of the most interesting things about it. Is this idea that the wisdom keeper I think is really cool in that. <hes> some other people have tried to do this or have done facsimiles of this us with chat bots around this idea of compiling all the information of that someone is said or thought most types of things and then be able to query it later after they've passed away or you know potentially in this case if it's if it's a real time learning solution it could actually it could actually be you somewhere else or affects emily few somewhere else so you could be in multiple places at the same time. This actually does not seem to be that far out there to me. I think it's thanks reason why from a practical standpoint from an applied innovation standpoint I don't see anybody doing this soon but it seems like a logical progression that someone will want this type of tool and whether it looks exactly the way Brian talking about it or not I don't know but at least portions of what he because he's got a very holistic vision portions of it. I think are definitely gonNA GONNA come. Amyot to final comment there. Yeah actually did see the Black Mirror episode. I forgot what it's called but molly Cyrus is in it and she's a a singer and she has this this <hes> Alexa type doll that she sells and her entire brain and personality is uploaded into the doll and then when something happens to her that you know the the the the information the doll is is very useful and I won't say anymore because there's a spoiler but it is. It's exactly the same concept so it's pretty cool to watch yeah. It's it's funny. I mean there's a lot of these things we just did. <hes> did a thing invoice insider a few weeks ago about the knowledge navigator does around W._W._e.. See this is something from. I think nineteen eighty six from. From apple which is basically a smart display concept that everybody wants today with really smart assistant that can just coordinate and do all sorts of really complex for we're nowhere near the knowledge navigator from nineteen eighteen eighty six that apple is trying to sell apples probably the furthest from it but a lot of these ideas have been out there. It's a matter of putting it together and getting the right momentum behind the idea to bring it to market just like you know the the momentum behind the smart speaker probably wouldn't have happened without sort of the the strong conviction of someone like Jeff Bezos Okay so final story our final episode one of the favorites. I certainly got a tie search social media probably the favorite episode last fall. I sat down with Shire episode sixty nine Dave and Pete. You both put this on your list. <hes> tell me why start with you. Dave well like I said earlier. It's just unbelievable like the Times that we live in today to where you can get one of the founding fathers of technology like Adam Shire like hearing. His story was really really fascinating another S._R._I.. Guy <hes> who's been I think he said he's kind of at this for twenty five years and what was really fascinating about it was that he sort of envisioned. It's like he didn't envision the web or mobile but he envisioned voice in the Smart Assistant Listen epoch and <hes> so I just thought that was really interesting and the.

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