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Army veteran Luis Alvarez he is a West Point graduate and has a PhD from Mit while serving in Iraq. Louis came to the conclusion that too many of his fellow soldiers ended up having amputations following traumatic injuries. He believe there had to be a better way to regenerate bone and. Soft tissue, and so he embarked with the military's blessing on an effort to make that vision a reality Louis says the founder of Thera-. DOPP give a regenerative. Therapeutics Company. You joins us today to discuss his time in the service and his ongoing work to help those wounded and service to our country and Louis. Thank you very much for being with us. Is Great to be here. Thanks so much. We'll let's start at the beginning of your story where were you born and raised? So, born raised in Miami Florida and never really left Laura that often until decided to join join the army. So I'm in Florida boy after is there a military service history and your family? Yes, my both my grandfathers fought on opposite sides of the Spanish civil war. Lucky for me. Neither of them was a good shot, my father and uncle both served my uncle here in the US and my father in the Spanish Army I felt a calling to serve as well for my country. So it was it was kind of drew me to serve when I was very young. What was the reason you wanted to attend west point and when did that start that interest in attending West Point? Really didn't know very much about the service academies somebody. Might attention that you could go to military school but also studied airing. And that that will give you a path delay on choose of course, either career military service or go on to do other things is I wanted to do science. So it was very interesting to me in different than the other universities a blind. I decided to go for for both. Naval. Academy at West Point and I don't like the water that much I went to West Point. Out of those years at West Point change you as a person and as a soldier you know I, think they were formative years for me I of course, everyone who goes there quite young and for me, it was a refreshing experience in a way. You don't hear that often or the first couple of months or you know kind of a culture shock but. After that, you really can thrive right you for me. It was unexperienced to learn not just academics. But also had lead people in it was kind of laboratory where you can test leadership styles and it was just along fun for me and they're not good memories of Debbie. What Year you commissioned..

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