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Him? That's why he was fair. I'm leaving the silence because Jon Meacham who a remarkable writer. He's written great books on Jefferson, one of the best Jefferson biographies, one of the best Andrew Jackson biographies. And certainly the most extraordinary biography of George Herbert Walker Bush. And as as somebody who pays attention to the craft of writing. What you just heard is the conclusion of one of the most gorgeous Lee written eulogies you're ever about to hear. Now. Why did they pick Jon Meacham? Why did they pick? Alan simpson. Alan simpson's. A former Senator from Wyoming now. Bush worked with thousands of members of congress. It really does come to thousands because he was in the house of representatives. And then he worked for years as vice president eight years as vice president for us as president with many, many different members of congress why Alan Simpson and why the former Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney. Who who also was asked to give a eulogy. And the answer is because these were people who knew him very, well, they were very close.

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