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Be a part of your day you will not believe this story how does this even happen well this guy named richard won an eighty million dollar jackpot back in twenty thirteen okay and at the time he had been separated from his wife mary beth for two years living separate lives so he wins the lottery and well the arbitrators that's oh wait technically you're not divorced she gets half no no no no no no she had nothing to do with that lottery ticket i bought it myself so he's been appealing an appealing toby and last week they still ruled in her favor walks away with fifteen mill because at the end he took home thirty eight after taxes and everything they gave her fifteen million that to me makes absolutely no sense if he can prove that he purchased the ticket after they were legally separated right then that should mean something should account for something now this needs to hire a better look like really with fifteen million dollars you can hire a better lawyer he's been fighting this twenty thirteen but an appeals court didn't seem to care too bad so sad how is that too bad so sad they were separated but they were legally married and she's in titled to have fair or not fair now you know if we're looking at it just legally when are you going gonna do the law's the law I'm with you. I'm with you. i don't know how many people would really side with her on this task you're listening right down here this story right say you get you're getting divorced say you're separated legally separated going through the process you win the lottery eighty million does your estranged partner deserve half text wash yes if you think so text wash no if you disagree two three seven three three seven read supply so wash yes if you think yes the they need half or no no way on the way out the door see the sad thing about this we want to know you're responsible we'll get to that in a second but the sad thing about this is the guys probably spent so much that fifteen million that he was going to get any way in legal fees he doesn't even probably have no he's got plenty of it sounded saying you really don't need that much but yet so text in vote let us know what you think will tell you the results coming up in just minutes stay right there it is ninety seven point one wash in fact we'll get to those next but first things to walgreen rosenthal landrover of santilli traffic.

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