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Edge of could've gone could have been a minimum is classic or to just be cheap. I don't know but some. That's how i would as how would see the two one story files by going to excess. An a story another story that fails by just being a bit lily livered and not really pushing far enough in any direction Pity no connection. I'll old people. Don't shoot him from my incisive analysis with those words separately to spears the connection. Sorry yeah it's very very difficult to think of any I'm told that some of our listeners. Lots was screaming in agony and raging restauration that we were missing them. They see either. There's no sort connections or No well the olympics were held in spain in one. Yeah way to your cassettes seville. Isn't it similar. Sure civiles donated seventy madrid. Barcelona bosra lender olympics from one thousand nine hundred two which is seventy years after the story broadcast and amazing coincidence. Fair set seven years before the was shown sony's before the olympics actually happened Splendid almost pulled back right. I think it's it's fair. It's just like you know that there's a end of season budget coming on. This was the second year they died. They must've known the best in the world. They must've still it wasn't gonna gets the The highest budget of the season and yet yeah and yet they added the the gratuitous edition of the olympics. And there's no reason you can do that as a whatever the whatever the failings of the execution so. There's no reason that you couldn't fairly offensively. Do i is vision visit paper house. The that yeah. That's the yes Sunday sort of a classic of its type As by they've advocate them has recently mind the same territory. And it's just that you you come up with that and it's it's a good is good. Concept is quite mufamadi concepts and this was graham's i stabbed who was not yeah and and yet and then and then the subways and despite nine that you'll have that crunch then yup then place this burden of also having toy into the olympics for no particular phonetic evasive. Because it's not like that was part. Isn't it in so doing a right until the olympics comes along Well i mean. I think yeah and i think if you just on the house and on the hassle discover moisture in the abusive statins and that side of things. I think you use it a better chance of getting something workable out of it then them then if you add on all this other stuff okay. Giles i'm going to pick a path to you now because i think we need to pick up the pace of it and the The two that have come up when i roll. The dice were caves of andrews army and rose. Oh okay well case vengeance on what has not been said about it..

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