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So with thirty three percent Valerie Plame with twenty four percent no other candidate in double digits Marco Serna nine percent Joseph Sanchez will be with us tomorrow at seven percent John Blair at four percent warm on toy out of Rio Rancho and the scent of all county who did the came in second in the pre pre rec pre primary she only polled at three percent and called his cellphone towers to two percent female voters polled by clarity campaign of women to read the letter here thirty five percent Valerie Plame twenty four percent men to reset thirty four percent Valerie Plame twenty nine percent Anglos to raise that thirty eight percent Valerie thirty one percent Hispanics to reset thirty two percent Valerie sixteen percent native Americans to reserve forty percent Valerie Plame fourteen percent young voters eighteen to thirty four to reach the ledger Fernandes twenty nine percent Valerie Plame fourteen percent in every age category to reach the ledger Fernandez outpolled Valerie Plame let's look at eighty plus hi eighty they actually polled eighty plus that's years old to reserve thirty three at thirty three percent Valerie twenty six percent three so did best in the sixty five to seventy nine category she garnered thirty seven percent of the vote coincidentally started Valerie she did best in that category as well she got twenty seven percent of the vote sixty five to seventy nine so when asked to choose a second choice supporters of Marcus Turner who came in third also just as Sanchez John Blair or mon toy in and called his detail all of their kids all of their supporters when asked to pick a second second choice chose three's a ledger Fernandes almost to it over two to one over Valerie Plante twenty eight percent to thirteen percent another words if they're not if you're not going to vote your balding not gonna vote for Theresa or Valerie gonna vote for one of the other with a four five candidates after your second choice Theresa got twenty eight percent of Valerie Plame thirteen percent it up Emily's list Pauline once again the company is called clarity campaign and we'll talk to the candidate who did best to reach a ledger Fernandes when we come back it's thirty minutes after.

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