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Very possible that this shutdown will go beyond the twentieth and into the new congress. So it it does seem like there may be some room for negotiation at at least on the amount of money. Like, the White House may be able to come down there. Five billion dollar asking the Democrats might approve a bit more than the one point six billion dollars. They offered before. But the main hold up is on what the money will be spent on at this point. Democrats are saying they won't give any money for a wall still slats fence, whatever you call it. They don't they don't want it. And they don't want to pay for it. But that is exactly what the White House's demanding. So that's kind of the sticking point. And this has always been one of the big sticking points since the president brought this up during the campaign. What exactly does does he mean by a quote, unquote wall? So we should say this whole fight comes at. I mean, an interesting moment, we've had all these departures from the Trump administration, you know, some leaving sooner than we expected. So she's air of uncertainty right now in Washington. Yeah. And as you know last week Defense Secretary James Mattis, he resigned over President Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from Syria. He was supposed to stay in his position through the. February to kinda help ensure a smooth transition but yesterday Trump announced via Twitter that Patrick Shanahan. Matt Madison's deputy will become the acting Defense Secretary as of January first and at the same time, you have Brett mcgurk who was the US arm voice for the global coalition to defeat. Isis also reportedly resigning over Trump's Syria decision. Okay. So we have acting Defense Secretary. We also have an acting attorney general. We also have an acting White House chief of staff, we also have an acting interior secretary. What does this mean looking into twenty nineteen just going to be a calendar full of of confirmation battles? It will be a calendar full of confidence confirmation battles. It's not clear how hard it will be to get people in place because Republicans did gain two seats in the Senate in midterms, but it's going to take a lot of time a lot of resources and attention focused on just kind of getting officials into position. And that's time. We're big parts of the. Administration will be without permanent leadership in kind of in limbo. And one other cabinet secretary to bring up Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin released this sort of unexpected statement about conversations he's been having with the heads of of all the big banks in the United States is that normal. What is what is this? Well, so he released a statement that he talked to executives and confirmed that they have plenty of liquidity to continue lending to consumers the issue with that is that people hadn't really been questioning whether there was liquidities answering a question that wasn't being asked. But what people had been concerned about was this idea. There were ports that president. Trump was maybe thinking of trying to get rid of or trying to demote a fed chairman Jerome Powell and that had been stirring concern. So Mnuchin released his tweet to kind of try to tamp down those concerns, but he didn't mention Powell which kind of just raised more questions than answers NPR's Asia Roscoe Easter thanks a lot. Thank you. All right. So the government may be partially shut down. But as we head into Christmas. There is one holiday related government service. That's still going NORAD Santa tracker. Knows the skies above North America are saved as can be because one command is watching. That's right. The command is a decades long tradition. The North American aerospace defense command tracks Santa's journey on Christmas Eve into the early hours of Christmas morning keeping real-time tabs on his trip from the North Pole and across the globe, delivering toys around fifteen hundred volunteers support military personnel in order to pull this off every year. And it's not just tracking Santa's journey. Will be there around eleven thirty nine. They field calls and emails from curious kids who have questions about Santa like what's his birthday? I love this. And actually the NORAD tracks Senator tradition dates back sixty three years. This is dating back to win. A department store at gave kids a number to call to reach Santa. But the ad misprint in the number which sent a flood of calls to Colonel Harry shop at the continental air defense command operations center, his kids recounted the story on NPR in two thousand fourteen they had children calling one after another. So he put a couple of airmen on the phones to act like Santa Claus today. Volunteers answer more than one hundred thousand calls and the NORAD tracks Santa website gets millions of visitors and let's just get the recent update here, according to the tracker as of early this morning Santa was in his workshop still preparing to take off. All right. All this year. We've been looking at the changing demographics of who is going to college in this country today. People from small towns and rural areas. Many of them are the first in their families to go to college and some schools are recognizing that these students need help with the adjustment. NPR's Alison Edward reports. From the university of Michigan. They come from all over from small towns in the upper peninsula in northern Michigan to southern Louisiana, but the descriptions of their hometown sound really similar to very close knit family community. The most people know each other around is just cornfields. We have like a drive your tractor to school days. We used to have a McDonalds, but.

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