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Trials but without people being able to come in and people being scattered in people being you know you know you know the whole pandemic scenario so we will not have an election show tomorrow which the first time in like six years and analog control which I enjoy doing because we have really good people really smart people I in town and they carried V. S. say that president Obama shared over the weekend about the protest and about the need for the protest the importance of protest I eserver is really good and worth it worth reading and we're sharing there are some new polls out that are also very very interesting concerning the presidential election and then if you look at the national polling and this is why the president is so dangerous because right now he's losing among all voters let me let me back out amongst all American citizens he down by thirteen points by all registered voters Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump by ten points that's national of course is state by state but in the really important battleground states Donald Trump is also losing but it's still early enough will we still haven't had the conventions but right now Joe Biden is in the best position all of any challenger since we began scientific polling but he is also being challenged Joe Biden is also being challenged by the fact that he wants to select a vice presidential nominee by August the first according to his campaign and some of the short list women because he said during the one on one debate with Bernie Sanders he would definitely select women only woman some of the women have I have a have their candidacies kind of fallen by the wayside and there are issues with the number of the candidates that are considered to be on the short list not a problem so far is our governor and this could help Michelle lu Han Grisham if he indeed wants to be vice president if he would accept being the selected and want to be on the ticket but they cannot see potential candidacy of Amy Klobuchar's is probably gone because as a district attorney she did not prosecute the very same cop who committed murder in Minneapolis Sir her vice presidential aspirations if you indeed have some are probably toast take a break we'll come back with Maria Herrera we'll talk about jobs unemployment and what's the situation if your business he used to work for three and a half months ago three months ago is re opening and they ask you to come back what is your obligation what's.

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