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It's not over yet. Lisa Brady Fox News. Laura is now a tropical storm bringing heavy rain and tornado threats is it travels north to Arkansas, where a state of emergency is in effect in Louisiana, where Laura made landfall overnight is a Category four Hurricane. Ah, second death just reported both from falling trees. Most of the destruction reports are coming out of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and Cameron, Louisiana, which took a direct hit. In downtown Lake Charles. Extensive damage done to the Civic Center and the capital One tower, one of the tallest buildings in the downtown area boxes. Casey Steagall, Rescue crews and utility crews are also out in Texas. Thousands without power. President Trump is getting a briefing at FEMA headquarters in Washington House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggesting the president isn't capable of telling the truth. So Joe Biden shouldn't debate him. I wouldn't Legitimise a conversation with him. But Biden tells MSNBC he does still plan to debate the president. As long as the presidential debate Commission quote continues down the straight and narrow, adding that he plans to be a fact checker on the floor. Biden's also criticizing needless violence after this week's riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, over the police shooting of a black man. Who remains hospitalized while the shooting remains under investigation. Things were quieter last night in Kenosha with an increased presence of the Wisconsin National Guard and following the deaths of two protesters tonight before for which in Illinois teenager 17 year old Kyle Riton house now awaits extradition to Wisconsin on charges of murder. Riton House was reportedly among a group of people protecting businesses during the third night of widespread violence, and there's also a video of all the shootings have some sake. Make a good case of self defense. Fox's Shipman Also America is listening to Fox News like www. PC Mobile News on.

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