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Ben Clements and Nick Haida in the studio here for this last segment will be here with you next Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, and I don't know, maybe The rest of eternity. I don't know if those guys are gonna come back. I know Jason's in Hawaii Beato. Last time I saw he was doing some Christmas shopping and dad Ed I don't know. I never really liked guys doing. I assume that he's on a golf course. But it's dark now, so I don't know He's probably lost. You know if he can't be in the studio on the golf course. The guy he gets confused. He usually goes and watches HBO, but there's nothing on right now. So, Pop if you're listening. I love you, Um You know what I want for Christmas? Everyone. Ps 50. Good luck. We've been talking some NFL. We've been talking some MBA. Unfortunately, Rockets fans, your debut will be postponed against the thunder. You fellas decided a Act the fool this week and they all got stuck with coded, so hopefully those rockets players get healthy real soon and they can get back on the basketball court. I want to finish the show, though we were talking some Texas football Texas taken on Colorado in the Alamo Bowl. December 29th. We have Football fans seen Texas in the Alamo Bowl far too many times in recent memory, and the Texas has been winning these matches. We're no redness in Texas back to the pantheon of football. When are we going to see them at the top of the leaderboard in the playoffs, And if you ask me There is no time soon with Tom Herman at the helm. I just don't know between the losing recruits. Losing his players to the ball game as we saw about two hours ago, Brennan Eagles, these star receiver for Texas has opted out of this ball game. He will throw his name in the hat to join the NFL. He'll be doing the combine here in the next few months, but There's not a lot going for Tom Herman Besides having your star quarterback, say Mallinder, who was just named. I think the scholar athlete of the year Okay. You have nothing really going for you and the question needs to be asked. If Texas loses this Alamo Bowl, the Colorado there's Del Conte Bay. But the switch and say enough is enough Time to move on by fault. Question. My question to your question is Will Michigan fire Jim Harbaugh? Because that I think is but like they need to come? I question your to your question. Is this question? There's a duck swimming upon. I was the pope a Catholic Jim Harbaugh if he has a job In college football in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Next season. I will cut out my left eye because that guy look, Tom Herman is not good here. That's pretty off Jim Harbaugh. Has had the worst season in Michigan in recent memory. He's lucky he didn't have to face the House state or else he wouldn't begin. I think that game probably would have went like this. First quarter. 24 0 2nd quarter. 21 6 3rd Quarter 35 0/4 Quarter Ohio State doesn't score point because they put in the third strings and maybe I have maybe Michigan scores. A couple touchdowns. They would have gotten annihilated Jim Harbaugh, he is I mean again. I don't want to take another man's job, but I doubt he's listening right now because he's in He's probably hiding in Michigan. He's looking at jobs in NFL. Jim Harbaugh will not have a job. Tom Herman right now has a job. But Do I want to see Jim Harbaugh in Austin next year. If Tom Herman does get the boot, maybe. Yeah, I just I just think that's the last big name. Not ever. Meyer has backed out art it is officially or unofficially declined. Because that's I think what Texas once they still want that big name higher because otherwise you'll get Matt Campbell from Iowa State like that seems like a no brainer to me. You know, it's funny. You say that because I've always had a hunch. We're not always But the past few weeks, I've had a hunch and Matt Campbell would be a really great edition in Michigan. I mean, is it offense driven guy, but his defense his been so stout all season long and He coming from the big 12. You know, your job offers are going to be improving, especially Iowa State. You know, a lot of Iowa State fans are thinking this is gonna be there guy. He'll be You know their savior for 20 years, but the grass is always greener. And Matt Campbell and Michigan. It smells nice. It sounds nice, and I think they would form a really good bond together, and he could maybe be the one that bring Michigan back. Um Well, look, I like that. We're talking about Michigan because that's that's my fear for the Longhorns that that is your future. You know, the Longhorns are Michigan endlessly trying to find a head coach. Yeah, I mean, because Look, what happened. Who was a Lloyd Carr, long time coach Legend at Michigan. They got he had 1 1970 season or whatever it was, and they were like, Oh, that's not good, Get adequate background exactly. And they've been searching for the replacement ever since then, and you can just nobody has been able to do it. And that's like the parallels are right there for me and that that's what I'm worried about. And I'm like, you know, that's why I was. I was upset that they long ones. Let that rule get away from Baylor and go pro like it's hard to compete with the NFL. She's just have t O Convince a coach to go toe to switch sides mid conference you It's hard to get an inter conference coach come to join the dark side and I will say Texas is the dark side. That would have been a big shock. But That role made the right decision because he was going to hell. No lose situation. At this point, Texas fans should work should wonder. Lord forbid, Texas search the season next year two and two. Will be this be the first season in 2020 2021. That Texas season interim head coach that being Tom Herman gets the boot mid season. We've never seen it, at least in my in my memory. I can think back to all the head coaches since Darrell Royal. We have never seen interim coach here in Austin, Texas. But could this be the first year if Texas starts out slow, which is a Possibility. Could this be the first season? We see Texas give their head coach the boot. You know, it's interesting because I want to said you would need to do it..

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