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Ridiculous election this spring at total wine and more. Cheers. But hardly ever misses a free throw or a three pointer, even though it can't dribble or slam dunk the machine which is six foot ten or two hundred seven centimeters made five of eight three pointer shots in a demonstration in Tokyo. The engineers of the robot called Q three say, the ratios worse than usual. The robot computes as a three dimensional image where the basket is using sensors on its torso. And just Motors inside his arm knees to give the shot the right angle and propulsion for a swish efforts in developing human shaped, robots underlying global shift in robotics us from preprogramed mechanical arms and limited spaces like factories to functioning in the real world with people one million dollars will be given to an Israeli team. If it lands a spacecraft on the moon in two weeks. The x prize foundation is offering the money as a consolation prize. Israel's privately financed spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral floor. Last month made the final cut in a twenty million dollar Google lunar x prize competition which ended last year without a winner. The new award was inspired by the Israeli, companies perseverance. Israel's spacecraft Barasheet is on track to land on the moon, April eleventh, which would make Israel only the fourth country to successfully pull off a lunar landing. Saturday Night Live alumnus Taryn Kilims been branching out since leaving the show. He leads today's birthday roundup. He's guest starring on arrested development on net flix, and that's in addition to starring on single parents on ABC, this group of people who under any other circumstance wouldn't be brought together they share.

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