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They've got a great interview with. Sean mcdonough was just named the lead. Nhl play by play voice for espn and we discussed that as well as shawn's pretty unbelievable career. Everything from calling the world series. Monday night football the olympics. We get into it all discuss why Sean thinks it didn't work out with him and monday night football. He did two years. Jon gruden we discussed. If sean feels like he gets credit for being an elite play by play man and he shares a tremendous bowler after a story towards the end of the pod. So make sure you listen for all that before we get to sean just a quick reminder if you missed any. Recent episodes of the media podcast. We had chris long former super bowl champion. Current podcast last week talked about The situation with players not wanting to be back not getting vaccinated talked about What call nassib will face and locker rooms with Teammates and a couple of other things two weeks ago. jim ross. Awa play by play man and john orient around the pod three weeks ago. Jon wertheim if you're a fan of the eighties we relive nineteen eighty-four and all the things that happened there and we go stugotz from the dan le batard show on the podcast. I listen to those subscribe if you Enjoy the pod and I think you'll like this one here with. Espn very versatile. Espn play by play. Man sean mcdonough all right joining me now. First time i've had on long overdue the veteran and versatile play by play man for espn. Who is now the lead voice of the nhl on espn mcdonagh. Sean thanks for coming on jimmy. Nice to be with you re long time listener first-time caller i appreciate that and congrats on the new gig as the lead voice of the nhl. Before i even get into that. I was curious. I didn't see this anywhere. Are you still going to be doing college football. Yes in college football game with todd. Let's our group of shea. Probably molly mcgrath on the sideline so really excited about that. Love college football. I love that group. I think led by josh often. Our producer scott. Johnson art director. You'll they've been putting out high work for a very long time long before. I joined the group but we have a lot of fun. We get a great game every week in college. Football's awesome so that is definitely something that will not going away. Glad to hear that we can't lose that crew. That's a great crew. You and todd as good as it gets there Tell me i read. You went to espn and sort of pitched yourself for the nhl gig. Which is pretty nice when you can do that. And they say yes. That's always nice. What was it about. I mean it's funny. Because when i saw the news i mean i hear your name. The i think the first thing i think of college football and i think of baseball those memorable calls pirates braves college basketball monday night football hockey and income in my brain so it was interesting when i saw the news. Tell me what what appealed to you about. Getting that gig. Love hockey did allow back in the day..

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