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KOMO news. Now back to help talk more with Dr Rachel king talking about footwear and injuries at skaters skiers. Here's Dr k and Shannon. Okay. Well, Dr king you have a lot of experience. And you gotta talk to you. You mentioned how important it is that the boot or the skate fits, you know, people that are looking for those they need to go in and try those on and then maybe be in for a little while sometimes walk around the store that fits because. That's really important. Yeah. No, absolutely. Absolutely. I think, you know, especially with us skating and skiing. It's a very individualized us sport. And there are many reputable food companies, and so it's very important that they try it on sometimes even skaters they have different what we call bony prominence is or almost extra thumps on their feet. It's important that they get into a booth that's properly fitted sometimes even requiring custom type boot. Personally in my past experience. I was actually in accustomed type food because my feet were different sizes and with boots and skates. You know, they can heat those boots and skates up. And that's what you should do heated up, and then put it on titan them down, and that will kind of form to your foot style. Yes. Absolutely. I'm a huge fan of the heat moldable boots. They are easier and quicker to break into as well, we have foods that were very stiff and difficult to really break into so heat multiple is very important also huge proponent of actually orthotics. So you can fit into the skates or ski boots. And so I actually did some research back in medical school with some custom inserts and for for specific first skaters and agile hockey players. And so, yeah, that's something that we can always look into when a skater may maybe the boots not quite fitting. But we could look into maybe the insert working also in the boot and a for better proper fit. I've I'm a skier I like to ski and there's been seasons where I've gotten to- bang, right? And also might to- beds are black and blue and swollen up. So is is there anything I should have done like immediately. So yeah. A lot of times we will see that with the like black and blue we call that the medical term for that is humor. Hematoma fancy where you don't have to know that it's essentially what it is is the bleed underneath that the nail what I guess listeners should know is that the nail can eventually fall off. And then you'll have a new nail that grows beneath. But he can't take nine months to a year with the nail to fully girls often. Sometimes if it if it is loose and painful than sometimes we can remove the Neal and cut for quicker recovery early on if you do that like the I two five ski trip in the first day out you fill your toes hitting your boots. Can you do anything about that right away right away? Usually actually let it be unless there's a lot of bleeding underneath the nail. Usually you can let it be in the near will eventually fall off. Sometimes you have to bandage it and padded a little bit more. All right. There you go. I mean, everything you need to know about skates and skis and footwear. And if your feet or happy, you're happy. That's correct. Yeah. And we're happily accepting new patients that are foot and ankle center in Kirkland initial claws. So it'd be happy to take any new consultations as well. Great. Thank you for your time. That's Dr Rachel king talking about footwear injuries in skaters, and skiers I know hockey's been big in your household to skiing skating. Those kind of things that you're wearing that are really not. Natural to your feet absolutely having to appliances, if you wanna compliances that you need for those activities and so important that you get proper fitting. I know when we used to buy skates, which aren't aren't they're not inexpensive. If you want to know, I mean, it's really easy go to go to skate shop that's going.

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