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So so we have a whole bunch of stuff to shout as always check us out on social media. We've got a twitter at Steven Kane Boo. We've got a facebook page where we post a bunch of crap. We've got a instagram. I think is also at Stephen King Boo Boo club. That thinking we have a patriae on. which is I think Petron Dot com slash Stephen King Boo club? Yup and we have a contest running right now which is the actual hoping I want to talk about so few episodes go. We mentioned that there were not any great adaptations for some of the stories in four past midnight. We put the call out for people to send us their reactions. Those pieces there are to their adaptations. What have you and we're getting response? which is a very exciting? Yes so make your art art send it along whatever it may be and On insomnia part one we will announce which when we liked the most and also also shout out pretty much. Anyone ends things in obviously if you put a bunch of work into an adaptation. We're not will wasn't the best so we're not talking. Oh yeah I I mean and we'll probably I mean if there's like little scripts we will read them. If there's pictures to be posted a sculpture online everything will get its display time. Yes yes yes ask but that is going to be insomnia part one where we talk about that. which is t minus two weeks from one? This is released so you're on deadline for that. I gotta get reading. What else do we have to talk about? let's talk about how we're GonNa have a patriotic exclusive interview with Tony Magistrate. islay yeah what up Also later in this piece or later in this you know script. I'm going to be telling you all kinds of things about an essay written by Tony Magistrelli and Michael Balloon Michael Blue. In what Michael Blunt. A new name enters the picture and he is a bona fide Stephen King scholar and he published his on the subject Super Bowl and he dig it Published some books recently in all that and he will also be our interview for our call from beyond in our next episode. I love of that I just wanted to say you know usually cram this full of like social media. shoutouts whatever you know obviously you go tell the like one person out of the program all that you mocking yourself. I know I know I know but like man and just wanted to appreciate for a moment. How cool this this project has been? We are quickly Rounding About Towards Our fiftieth freaking episode. We're getting there to what the suite. At end it's blowing my mind signed. That's and yeah. Yeah like run the numbers. We're getting there any. I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate all the listenership ship. He's been with us especially from the beginning. It's been so cool and we love have you guys and we love we love to project. The product has never gotten to the point where I've been like God. I wish I didn't have to do yes. It's like thank God. I have camping out sixty hours for my leg day job in the last the five days and not once was I like I have to record this episode. Like it's always been a shining light so just thanks you all for your continued support port. If you want a sport is monetarily those Patriot on if not just go ahead and tell one person if you can if you can tweet about it that helps whatever we do this for us. We do this for we all and if we can make the family grow more we will do so I think I think we should take it to needful themes are literary analysis section..

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